Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club

WBCC  Auction 18,  Closes 10 PM Sydney Time Saturday March 17, 2001
Sydney is 11 Hrs ahead of Greenwich (London) Time.

Bids as at  10.00 PM  Saturday 17th March
This Auction is closed

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Dear WBCC members,

The WBCC has not seen these lots offered for sale and thus cannot comment on the items.
The purchase contract is strictly between the buyer and seller with the WBCC only the medium of contact.

All prices are in US$

Email your bids to Rod Sell with full details of the lots you are after, including the members who submitted the lot, the lot number and your bid amount.
Bids will be listed in the order they are received provided they are higher than the current bid.
The minimum bid will be the reserve listed.
Suggested bidding increments.  For lots at $1 to $5 increments of 10 cents accepted.  For lots over $5  increments of 50 cents accepted.
Bids do not include postage.
At the end of the Auction Sellers should contact the buyers as soon as possible.

Martin Peeters - NETHERLANDS
Lot 1. Germany, 1995 Medal Beethoven  Reserve $7.00

Bid $7.00  16th March 7.11 PM  Kyle Mutcher - CANADA

Lot 2. Germany, Schuler Presses, 7 June 1997, Open Day, Reserve $1.00

Bid $1.00  16th March 7.11 PM  Kyle Mutcher - CANADA

Antonio Carlos Barbosa da Silva - BRAZIL
Lot 1. Brazil 1 Real 1998 Human Rights UNC reserve US$2.00

Bid $2.00  16th March 7.11 PM  Kyle Mutcher - CANADA

Lot 1. Austria 50 Schilling  Sigmund Freud.  Reserve  $5.00

Lot 2.  Indonesia 1996  1000 Rupiah.  Reserve  $2.00

Lot 3. Kenya 20 Shillings 1998  Reserve $2.00

Lot 4.  Taiwan 1996  50 Yuan  Reserve $1.00

Lot 5.  Vatican 1998  1000Lire  Reserve  $2.00

Christian Dolt - FRANCE
Lot 1. - FRANCE Medal of DRAGUIGNAN, Foire de l'olive ; reserve price $12

Lot 2. - FRANCE 7 Euro Strasbourg 1996 , reserve price $13.00