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Member's Auction #32
Closes 10:00PM Sydney, Australia Time
(+10 GMT)
Saturday, October 13, 2001

Bids as at 10.00 PM 13th October 2001
This Auction is now Closed.


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The WBCC assumes no responsiblity for the accuracy of any item listed in this auction.  Seller assumes all responsibility for their auction item(s).  Auction currency is U.S. dollars ($) unless otherwise noted.  The purchase contract is strictly between the buyer and seller.

Email your bids to Rod Sell with the full details of each lot you are bidding on. Include the member who submitted the lot, the lot number and your bid amount.

Bids will be listed in the order they are received provided they are higher than the current bid.  The minimum bid will be the reserve listed.  Suggested bidding increments.  For lots at $1 to $5, bid increments of 10 cents are accepted.  For lots over $5, increments of 50 cents are accepted.  Bids do not include postage.  At the end of the Auction, sellers should contact the buyers as soon as possible.

Fabio Guerrieri  - Italy
 Lot 1. Malaysia - New 1 Ringgit 2001 Shaha Alam. Reserve $4.00

Bid $4.00  10 AM  6th October 2001. ROD SELL - AUSTRALIA

Lot 2.Malaysia - New 1 Ringgit 2001 Shaha Alam. Reserve $4.00

Bid $4.00  11.52 AM  11th October 2001 Jorge Cunha - Portugal 

Lot 3. Mouquoy token. Ag center / Ot ring Diameter 32mm . Reserve $12.00


Lot 4. Mouquoy token. Nk center / Aisi ring Diameter 32mm . Reserve $5.00

Bid $5.00  5.42 AM  9th October Mario Baptista - Portugal

Lot 5. Joker token . Reserve $2.00


Paul Davis  - Canada
 Lot 1.  SOMALIA 250 Shillings 2000 TriMetallic Che Guevara, part of the
"Millennium Icons" series. Mintage: 200. Condition: Proof. Reserve: $25

Bid  $25.00   11.54 AM 6 October 2001. Jose Luis Ramirez - Spain

Lot 2. SOMALIA 250 Shillings 1998 Color TriMetallic Titanic Liner, part of the
"A History of World Shipping" series. Condition: Proof. Reserve: $25

Lot 3. SOMALIA 250 Shillings 1998 Color TriMetallic Leopard, part of the
"Wildlife of Somalia & East Africa" series. Condition: Proof. Reserve:$25

Lot4. CUBA 10 Pesos 1995 Color Pattern Captain Kidd, part of the "Pirates of
the Caribbean" pattern series. Mintage: 100. Condition: Proof. Reserve: $29

5. CUBA 10 Pesos 1995 Color Pattern Butterfly Missipus, part of the
hand-painted "Butterflies of the Caribbean" pattern series. Mintage: 50.
Condition: Proof. Reserve: $29.




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