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Bi-Metallic Encased  US Coins and Medals

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US coins with miniature encasements. Image from Cliff Anderson.

USA Encased Half Dollar from Peerless Beverage Co. Image from Larry Friemel.

1992 Encased Cent for 40th Anniversary of Numismatic News.
Image from Jack Hepler.

1999 Encased Cent by Krause Numismatics for ANA Chicago Convention.
Image from Jack Hepler.

USA ANA 2000 encased 25 Cent from Krause Numismatics.  Image from Daniel Gosling

1945 Victory / Peace Cent of LuLadenburg Oil Co. Image from Rod Sell.

Encased Cent - The Kiwanis Circle. Image from Jack Hepler.

USA Advertising Token from Niagara Fall, 1918 1 Cent

US encased 1973D cent for Security Federal. Image from Daniel Shoemaker.

US encased 1946 cent for Sonny Service Oil Co. Image rom Daniel Shoemaker.

USA Edelbrew Ale 1946 1 Cent

USA Havelock Tobacco 1903 1 Cent

US encased 1956D cent Golden Anniversary Klaus Store 1906-1956. Image from Rod Sell

US encased cent Poll Parrot Shoes. Image from Daniel Shoemaker.

US encased cent John Roberts Shoe. Image from Daniel Shoemaker.

California Encased coins book

Encased Canadian Cent from Virginia Culver Token Society, Arcadia Calif.
Image from Rod Sell.

Encased Cent from Irwin A. Holcomb of Los Angeles. Image from Rod Sell.

Encased Cent from Don Jurgensen of Santa Barbara. Image from Rod Sell.

Encased Cent from H. L. Kaplun of Santa Barbara. Image from Rod Sell.

Encased Cent from Denzil Goble of San Francisco. Image from Rod Sell.


Encased Cent from Ye Old Coin Shoppe of Colorado Springs. Image from Rod Sell.


Encased Cent from Irwin V. Johnson of Winsted. Image from Rod Sell.


Encased Cent from Coral Ridge Coin Shop of Fort Lauderdale. Image from Rod Sell.

Encased Cent from Funtime Coin Show Jan 1966 of Jacksonville Florida. Image Rod Sell.


Hawaii encased cents from Hawaiian Island Coins. Image from Rod Sell

Hawaii encased cents. Vote for Doc Hill & B & S Co.


Encased Cent from Clyde A. Hand of Calumet City.  Image from John Veltmeyer

Encased Cent from Central Illinois Numismatic Assn. of Springfield
Image from John Veltmeyer

USA Encased Cent from Oak Forest Coin Club.  Image from Michael Doran.


Ben's Rare Coins. Image from Daniel Shoemaker.

See The Penny Man of Fort Wayne Indiana for the encased coins of Earl Fankhauser

USA. All these were produced by Earl Fankhauser of Fort Wayne Indiana.
Images with thanks from Bryan Ryker.

Old Fort Coin Club (Fort Wayne) 40th Anniversary. Images from Daniel Shoemaker.

Encased US cent and Panama cent from BOBCO of Otis. Image from Rod Sell.


USA 1904 St Louis World Fair. Image by Daniel Shoemaker.


Encased Cent from Las Vegas Club.  Image from John Veltmeyer

New York

USA New York Numismatic Convention 1969 1 Cent

Encased Cent from 1997 ANA Convention New York.  Image from John Veltmeyer

USA 1901 Pan-American Exposition Buffalo. Image from Cliff Anderson.

1948 Newark Motors Newark N.Y. . Image from Fabrizio Pivari.


USA Brass encased cent from Toledo Trust Co. Image from Rod Sell

US Encased Cent from Youngstown (Ohio) Kitchens by Mullins.  Image from Cliff Anderson


US encased cent from Mehl Ad-Associates of York, Pennsylvania. Image from Martin Peeters.

US encased 1943 steel cent. Numismatic News ANA 1989. Image from Rod Sell

USA 40th Anniversary of William Penn Coin Club 1996. Image from Martin Peeters.

US encased cent Duquesne Pilsener Pittsburg. Image from Daniel Shoemaker.


USA Ralph M. Hall of Rockwall Texas. Image from Daniel Shoemaker

USA Thank you Token from Ralph Hall after etection. Image from Bryan Ryker.


1907 Jamestown Exposition.  Image from Jack Hepler.

US Encased 1922D Cent from Naval Supply House of Norfolk. Image from Rod Sell.


USA Frenchy's of Milwaukee Wisconsin - Sam the Magic Man. Image from Daniel Shoemaker

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