- US Municipal Trade Tokens -
by Cliff Anderson

June 2007

15 September 2001    Shelley, ID, Chamber of Commerce, 73rd Annual Spud Day, map& potato   

1903-2002    Demarest [NJ], Centennial, church, gazebo, building & dedication rock   

1852-2002    LaSalle, IL, 150th Anniv., building & eagle seal

1902-2002    Town of Lakeville, St. Joseph Co., IN, 100 Years, onion or garlic

1752-2002    Hillsborough, NC, Orange Co., Celebrating 250 Years
                     "Clocktower of the Old County Courthouse",
                     "Diversity, Freedom, Preservation and Education"

1827-2002    Mackinaw, IL, 175th, fishing, trees, deer, "A River Valley Community"    
                     "Preserving the Past, Building for the Future"

1903-2003    Sugar City, ID, Celebrating 100 Years
                     building, water tower, "Good Neighbors Forever", shaking hands

1903-2003    City of Gleason, TN, Celebrating 100 Years, potatoes
                     "Ball Clay Capital of the World", "Tatertown Special"   

1903-2003    Town of Ft. Supply, OK, 100 Years
                     "Celebrating the Roots of Our Heritage", train and station   
1878-2003    Leadville, CO, 125th Birthday
                     elevation 10,152, church, mountains, "America's Highest City"

1903-2003    Town of Meeker, OK, Home of Carl Hubbell
                     signature, baseball and train station   

1903-2003    City of Reardon, WA, Centennial, farmscape, mule and ducks   

1952-2003    City of Fordland, MO, 50 Years, Eagle

1903-2003    Nyssa, OR.   2 MTTs: 
                     "Where the Oregon Trail Enters Oregon", covered wagon is the common obverse

                     “Home of the Sweet and Strong”, sugar beet/onion, and
                     “Thunderegg Capital of the World”, enameled geode

1898-2003    Vici, OK, 105 years, Chamber of Commerce, silo, water tower
                     Great Western Trail Drive, cowboy and cattle, silo

1903-2003    Village of North Fond de Lac, Fond de Lac Co., WI
                     Incorporated Feb. 24th, 1903, map,
                     "A Great Place to Live, Work & Play"

1954-2004    Tye, TX, Incorporated 50 Years, "Tebo-Tye", locomotive & truck

1904-2004    Schofield [WI] Brooks & Ross Lumber Co., Schofield Centennial
                     "Dr.& Mrs. William Schofield Founders", double portraits, buildings, smokestack

1854-2004    Nebraska City, NE, 150th Anniv, tree,
                     “with our roots in the past, we branch into the future”
                     J. Sterling Morton, portrait, founder of Arbor Day, 1872
1905-2005    Town of Ellendale, DE, 3 trees, Incorporated 1905   

No Date.       Leon B. Gathany Museum, Toccoa Falls, GA, 
                       "the beautiful", Est. 1874,  portrait

1905-2005    Town of Estill, SC, "Nature's Doorstep", leaf outline
                      "100 Years of Excellence" 


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