WBCC Newsmail 155, Volume 4, July 31, 1999
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC, martinp@westbrabant.net

Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

Next week, August 8th, will be the last WBCC Newsmail (#156) till my
vacation. In period August 9 till August 22th Frans Dubois will compose WBCC
Newsmail 157 and 158. I realy hope you enjoy reading this weeks WBCC
Newsmail !!

1. Bi-metallics from Croatia...by Paul Baker, UK

When you look at the homepage of the Croatian Monetary Institute - Zagreb
Mint (http://www.hnz.hr/engl/index.htm) you will find, from that main index,
a link to the information the site has about Croatia's Bi-metallic 25 Kuna
coins, which were all made by this mint. Also of interest is the 1999
Bi-metallic medal for the "Croatian Monetary Institute" these too are a
product of this mint. These medallic pieces, as you can see, are very
similar in style (shape and materials) to the 25 Kuna coins except they are
larger, 43mm as opposed to 32mm. An image of one of these (at an angle)
appears at the top of the homepage and a normal picture with information
appears on one of the sites many pages with full details of this piece (see
medals section of the list of links on the homepage).

2. Bi-metallic 10 Markkaa 1999..by Kari Hurskainen, Finland

Now available the Finland Bi-metallic 10 Markkaa 1999 regular type. Those
who are interested in this 1999 Bi-metallic yust send me an E-mail:

3. Bi-metallic 2 Dollar Canada 1996...by Peter Riley, Canada

Refering to WBCC Newsmail 155, item 2, about the Canada Bi-metallic 2 Dollar
1996 Proof in Ag*Au/Au with lettering in centre '22 K CENTRE CENTRE' I can
say the following:

Today I was able to inspect the new Canadian 1999 Nunavut gold proof $2.00
coin. It too has the "22k center" lettering on the obverse. This means that
two coins(also the 1996 gold proof) have this feature. This was done to
distinguish these 2 gold coins from the regular proof editions which are
struck in sterling silver with gold plating on the center. The dealer sold
the coin today to a customer for $321.00 Cdn.

4. Bi-metallic from France...by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Michel Prieur (non WBCC member) of France send me the following message:

Here are two pages you can link with interesting bimetallics :
Just pick the picture from the page for your catalog and link the page

In those pages you can see a pictures of the Bi-metallics:
* France, Bi-metallic 5 Franc 1935 Trial piece
* France, Bi-metallic Jetons Romans Times
The pictures are also in the WBCC Homepage:

5. New Bi-metallic images......by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

New Bi-metallic images this week.

* France 1935 5 Franc Trial Piece
* France - Jeton (Roman Times
* Monaco 1994 Ecu Token showing Montgolfier Hotair Balloon.
* Member from Finland - Kari Hurskainen
* New York Transit Tokens. One on the right has SJD under the D.
* English Model Penny, with the V in 3 different distances from the neck.
Also the lettering seems of different sizes
* Thailand 1998 10 Baht. 125 Years of Customs Dept
* Thailand 1999 10 Baht King Rama III

6. A World's Fair of Money®......by Larry Friemel, USA

Just a reminder that The ANA World's Fair of Money is being held in
Chicago, Illinois on August 11-15, 1999 at the Rosemont Convention
Center, 9301 West Bryn Mawr.

I have arranged with the ANA to provide the WBCC a meeting place
Saturday during the convention for anyone able to attend. It is no host
-- so anyone making it there is on there own other than a room is
available. The WBCC has been assigned room 9 in the convention center
on Saturday, August 14 from 1:00 -2:30 p.m.

I am unfamiliar with the area, but the AAA guide shows many hotels in
the vicinity, as the convention center is near O'Hare Airport. For a
listing of the scheduled events for the five days check out the ANA
website at...

For ANAs listing of hotels check out...
The original survey about a year ago showed about 12 people interested
in attending. I hope that they (and others) make it to share their
Bi-metallic experiences. To the best of my knowledge, Cliff Anderson (WBCC
Public Relation Centre, (chander@mciworld.com) is attending and as such is
the official WBCC board member in attendance.

7. WBCC CD ROM...by Joe Kocian, USA

I have the WBCC CD ROM completed. I will be adding a few current items but
for all major purposes it is finished. Thanks to the assistance of Martin,
and Larry and their contributions to the CD. I plan to have CD's for
purchase in Chicago (ANA convention August 14th) but also through the mail
for those who desire one that will not make the convention. Ok, the CD what
is it?
a. It is a compilation of the WBCC documentation of Bi-metallics coins with
b. The early Introduction and Use of Bi-metallics from Larry Friemel's "All
That Is Bi-Metallic" webpage with graphics.
c. It has the complete set of all WBCC Newsmails from beginning to current
d. It has the catalog "The World Of Bi-metallics" on it.
e. It has a super demo software program specifically designed for
And it is all on one CD.
Cost: This the best part, I made this for the WBCC members so cost is just
to cover the expenses.
By Mail: US$14.00 including shipping.
At the Chicaco ANA show: US$12.00

I have received quite a number of requests for the CD. I am still going to
send a personal note (application) to those that have notified me and
requested a CD. However, I have been waiting to do it all at once. You may
if you wish to get a jump on me here is a copy of what I
(jkocian@cvi-usa.com) will eMail to each of you:

Please send payment to:
Joseph V. Kocian, 4178 Sherman Road, Kent, Ohio, 44240, USA.
Include the following information:
1. Full Name
2. Company (If applicable)
3. Mail Address
4. City
5. State
6. Country
7. eMail Address
Payment: Must be in US$, A check drawn upon any US Bank, International MO,
or Cash US$
Note: I will try to send the CD's to arrive to you on the same dates of the
ANA show.

"See" you next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
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