WBCC Newsmail 159, Volume 4, August 27, 1999
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Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

After 2 weeks vacation in Belgium and see the Eclipse (Frans Dubois
discribed it as one huge Bi-metallic), again a fine and nice WBCC Newsmail,
with interesting stuff about Bi (and Tri)-metallics. So, enjoy reading it !!

1. My new E-mail address.........by Gerhard Schön, Germany

Please read my new e-mail address Gerhard Schön, wbcc60@worldcoins.net

2. Bi-metallics from Russia...by Paul Baker, UK

When you look at:
of Collectors Universe (www.Collectors.com), you can read the following
recently added article about several Russian Bi-metallic medals.

Newest Russian Bi-Metallics Of 1999: Medals Named 'Coin'
William Goncharuk - August 19, 1999 seal of Patriarch Tikhon

This year the Russian St. Petersburg Mint issued a very interesting
bi-metallic coin-medal set entitled "RUSSIAN PATRIARCHS AND CZARS". It is
probable that the series will be continued, as there are many czars and
patriarchs not yet covered in the series. The artwork of the engravers is so
brilliant the scanner cannot convey it. One must see them with one's own
eyes! On the obverse each the coin-medal a tiny inscription reads (in
English!) "CO*IN". In my opinion, this set would be a pleasant addition to
any collection of either Russian or world bi-metallic coins.

a. Patriarch Filareth (1554?-1633) [1619-1633]). Type: Medal-coin.
Denomination: absent. Undated (issued 1999). Metal: copper-nickel,
bi-metallic. Proof-like. Diameter: 35 mm. Mintage: unknown (about 5000 pcs).
Rev.: Blessing hand (seal of Filareth).
Patriarch Filareth is famous for being the father of the Moscovian Czar
Mikhail Fiodorovich. Historians say he was a co-Czar of his son and did
manage to bring the then-Moscovia (later Russia) out of the political
demoralization of the so called "Smuta" (anarchy) times.

b. Patriarch Nikon (1605-1681) [1652-1658]). Type: Medal-coin. Denomination:
absent. Undated (issued 1999). Metal: copper-nickel, bi-metallic.
Proof-like. Diameter: 35 mm. Mintage: unknown (about 5000 pcs).
Rev.: Madonna with Child (seal of Nikon).
Patriarch Nikon lived in the epoch when Moscovia (later Russia) was starting
the series of great reforms which shook her to the foundations. Trying to
bring the Moscovian Orthodox Church to the standards of the Catholic Church
of that time, the great reformer Nikon encountered the outraged resistance
of his contemporaries, both lay and clergy. He died in exile, but his
reforms went on.

c. Patriarch Tikhon (1865-1925) [1917-1925]. Type: Medal-coin. Denomination:
absent. Undated (1999). Metal: copper-nickel, bi-metallic.Proof-like.
Diameter: 35 mm. Mintage: unknown (about 5000 pcs).
Rev.: Shining Moscovian Orthodox Cross and hands of the bishop blessing
(seal of Tikhon). Tikhon is the first Russian Orthodox Patriarch after the
Patriarchy in Russia was renovated in 1917. (Patriarchy in Moscovia-Russia
was suppressed by Russian Czars beginning in 1700). He was a talented orator
and his high reputation among the Russian people made him the sole moral
opponent to Lenin and Bolsheviks after the 1917 Revolution. The latter were
even afraid of arresting him officially. He was interned at his home and
later secretly murdered by the Bolshevik Secret Service.

d. Czar Nikolai I.(1796-1855) [ruled 1825-1855]) Type: Medal-coin.
Denomination: absent. Undated (issued 1999). Metal: copper-nickel,
bi-metallic. Proof-like. Diameter: 35 mm. Mintage: unknown (about 5000 pcs).
Rev.: Russian Eagle of that time with the Nikolai I monogram above. Note:
this medal-coin is missing the inscription "CO*IN". Nikolai I is famous for
strengthening the bureaucratic and state system of Russia and bringing down
the Polish uprising.

e. Czar Alexander II.. (1818-1881) [ruled 1855-1881]).Type:
Medal-coin.Denomination: absent. Undated (issued 1999). Metal:
copper-nickel, bi-metallic. Proof-like. Diameter: 35 mm. Mintage: unknown
(about 5000 pcs).
Rev.: Minor emblem of Empire above small date 1883. Alexander II is often
referred to as "the Liberator" , since in 1861 he abolished slavery in

f. Czar Alexander III.. (1845-1894) [ruled 1881-1894]). Type: Medal-coin.
Denomination: absent. Undated (issued 1999). Metal: copper-nickel,
bi-metallic. Proof-like. Diameter: 35 mm. Mintage: unknown (about 5000 pcs).
Rev.: Middle Emblem of Empire. Interesting note: Shield with Eagle is held
by St./Archangel Michael (Patron of Kiev Rus') and St./Archangel Gabriel.
Beneath the crown is the text: "God [is] With Us". Above the crown: date

William Goncharuk is a numismatist and writer living in Ukraine. For
information on ordering items mentioned in this article, or to send
questions and comments, please contact William Goncharuk at

This text is printed with permission of Misha Houser of Collectors

3. Tri-metallics from Cuba.....by Frans Woons, Canada

Yesterday I received in the mail the "August 1999 Cuban Coin Catalog" of
Cubacoins, a division of Arctic Coin (Ottawa) Inc., in Ottawa, Canada. This
catalogue lists a large number of tri-metallic pieces for sale at either US
$ 70 or US $ 50. You can visit the web site of Cubacoins at
Go into the pattern & essays section and use the function Ctrl F to find the
tri-metallic coins. It seems that some of the coins offered for sale in the
catalogue at US $ 70 are offered for sale at US $ 50 on the web site...

4. Bi-metallic from Gibraltar...by Fabio Guerrieri, Italy

Please take a look in the my new Web page new Euro from italy "Pontremoli
City", also now available new Gibraltar 2 Pounds 1999 Bull at:

5. Bi-metallic UK 2 Pound 1999...by Martin Perdy, New Zealand

Readers of the WBCC Newsmail with an interest in trivia may be amused to
learn that the 1999 bi-metallic UK 2 Pound commemorating the rugby World Cup
pays an unintentional (I assume) tribute to the international language
Esperanto: the design of the rugby ball on the reverse bears a very close
resemblance to the "E-reversed E" symbol used as the logo for the centenary
of Esperanto in 1987.

6. Bi-metallic Garden State Parkway token....by Jack, Hepler, USA

I have discovered another Garden State Parkway Token. This one is for Bus
Only. Whereas the Car Only token is about 22.5 mm, the Bus token is about 25
mm in diameter. Otherwise the designs are the same. A scan of the token can
be seen in the WBCC Homepage:

7. Bi-metallic from Netherlands Antilles...by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Refering to WBCC Newsmail 130, item 6, the Dutch Mint has issue now a 75
Guilders (not a 50) from the Netherlands Antilles. Price for this ringed
Silver/Gold piece is 449 Dutch Guilders, about 212 US$. A picture can be
seen in the WBCC Homepage:

8. New Bi-metallic images......by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

This week has seen a flood of new images. Those added are:

* US New Jersey GSP Bus Token
* Mongolia Inlay Medals
* 1999 Macao 100 Patacas
* 1999 Netherland Antilles 75 G
* Netherlands 1999 Utrecht Token
* Netherlands 1985 Albrandswaard MTT
* Netherlands 1999 City of Arcen Token
* Netherlands Feyenoord Soccer Champion Medal
* Netherlands Wedding Token
* Germany Munsterland Entertainment Token
* US Trade Token Catalogue by David E. Schenkman
* Brazilian Sugar Tokens from Pernambuco
* Russia Bi-Metallic Medals
* Germany Peter Paul Rubens Medal
* US 5 Cent Trade Token from Rafilson's Restaurant believed to be in Chicago
* GB Rugby 2 Pound unintentional Esperanto Symbol of the reverse E.
* GB Model 1/2 Penny variety with dot after V

9. World Money Fair Basel 2000..by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Next year, Januar 21 till 23, the World Money Fair will be held in Basel,
Switzerland. This top event will have Numismatists, Coin producers,
suppliers, whole sale dealers, collectors and visitors. The official guests
of honour will be The Mint of Australia and Citta del Vaticano (Vatican
Mint). Ther will be exhibitors from 30 countries and all 5 comntinents. This
week I received a confirmation the WBCC is official invited to take part of
this event (The WBCC will have an own table). As plans are now Frans Dubois
and I will go to represents the WBCC. When more WBCC members from Europe or
else were will visit this event please let me know and we can meet there.
Send your message to: martinp@westbrabant.net

10. Bi-metallics from Mongolia...by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

In Coin Invest Trust (Liechtenstein) monthly newsletter of July/August I
could find the following Inlay Bi-metallics:

6 different Inlay Bi-metallics serie called "Genius of the Millenium"
depicting the following persons:
* Undur Ghegen Zanabazar
* Leonardo Da Vinci
* Thomas Alva Edinson
* Johannes Gutenberg
* Johann Wolfgang v. Goethe
* Sir Isaac Newton

Price for these Inlay Bi-metallics (all Ag/Au, 38.61mm, 2500 pieces made) is
50 Swiss Franken per piece. Picture of these 6 Bi-metallics can be seen in
the WBCC Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html

Order address:
Coin Invest Trust
PO Box 125
FL-9490 Vaduz
E-mail: news@coin-invest.li
Homepage: http://www.coin-invest.li

"See" you next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
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