Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club

WBCC Newsmail 185, Volume 5, February 26, 2000
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC, martinp@westbrabant.net
Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

Again a great WBCC Newsmail this week. I hope you enjoy reading it !!

1. My new E-mail address..........by Tom Galway, USA

Please read my E-mail address: Tom Galway, tpgalway@home.com

2. Bi-metallic 2 Peso 2000 Mexico..by Josť Melchor Ayala Salazar, Mexico

Last week I could report about the new Bi-metallic 1 Peso 2000, now I can
tell you that here the Mint of Mexico just put also in circulation the
Bi-metallic 2 Peso 2000.

3. Bi-metallic 2 Pounds for the Isle of Man....by Paul Baker, UK

The other week information from someone in the Isle of Man led me to the
Pobjoy Mint website to find further information on the new designs that will
appear on the Isle of Man circulation coins for the year 2000. These new
coin will have design on a theme of "Manx Christian Heritage".

Another change for this year is that the Brilliant Uncirculated mint sets
will be available with and without the 5 Pounds coin. The colourful
presentation of the coins is a little more like that of the Great Britian
B.Unc sets in terms of general appearance - so perhaps sets without the 5
Pounds denomination are available so as to be more in-line with the G.B. way
of doing things. (I would _guess_ that the Gibraltar coins will follow suit
with this.)

Of great interest to us all (the WBCC) - included in this set of new coin
types is a NEW Bi-metallic 2 Pounds coin. The change seen on all these coins
as compared to the 1998/1999 issue is the entirely new reverse and the use
of the "PMM" mintmark instead of "PM" - the extra "M" being for
"Millennium". The particular design on this NEW Bi-metallic 2 Pounds coin's
reverse is of "Thorwald's Cross" which a famed Manx (ancient) monument.....

On the web I found a page with information on Thorwald's Cross at....
This particular cross has previously appear on a Manx phonecard !
It seems that these Manx B.Unc. mint sets are already available from Pobjoy
Mint and no doubt in the next few weeks or so they will be available from
the dealers that usually stock this kind of product. The Bi-metallic 2
Pounds coins of this new design are expected to appear in circulation on the
Isle of Man sometime early in March of this year.

Finally the Pobjoy Mint website mentions that a complete currency set struck
in silver is also available - will the 2 Pounds in this set be Bi-metallic?
I wonder. Perhaps the Pobjoy Mint could let us know. After all a set could
still be called "silver" if one of the pieces was Bi-metallic with silver
core and gold-plated-silver ring.

4. Bi-metallic Canadian mule...by Frans Woons, Canada

In WBCC Newsmail 181, under no. 13, I read about another Canadian mule
(hybrid). This time it is about the Bi-metallic Nunavut $ 2 coin dated 1999.
The article was written by Ken Potter.

At first I didn't pay too much attention to it as I thought it contained an
inaccurate statement. Ken wrote: "The planchet for the sterling silver
version is of one piece construction...". I thought that ALL Bi-metallic $ 2
coins consist of two parts. E.g., the non-ringed Bi-metallic aviation coins
are made of two parts: the greatest part of sterling silver with a recess
for the gold plated sterling silver oval to be inserted (before the coin is
struck, I imagine). I sent an e-mail to the Royal Canadian Mint RCM) to
discover whether the sterling silver/gold plated sterling silver Nunavut
coin (not in the TWOB yet) is of a one-piece or two-piece construction and
the RCM stated that this piece is indeed of a two-piece construction.

Probably for aesthetic reasons, the SS/Au*SS (or as Martin Peeters prefers:
AgCu/Au*AgCu) Nunavut (and possibly the 4.1-karat gold ring / 22-karat gold
centre Nunavut) coins have no raised ring where the ring meets the centre on
the reverse.
It seems that by mistake this reverse die was used to strike some coins in
base metals which ended-up in the "uncirculated sets" (also known as
"proof-like sets"). I have one of these sets and from this sets is the scan
found on the WBCC homepage. The Nunavut coin intended for circulation (I
have a specimen in my collection) has a raised rim on the reverse (and
obverse) where ring and centre meet.
The two Nunavut coins struck in precious metals are in the "proof" quality
(frosted relief/brilliant background). However, the dies used for this
Nunavut mule have no frosted (matte) portions. Presently two of the
"uncirculated sets" containing the Nunavut mule are being offered on eBay.
One under no. 264568245. The highest bid thus far is US $ 81 and there are
still more than 2 days to go.

If you have any questions, please contact me (mwoons@uniserve.com). I have a
brochure of the RCM showing the reverse of the Nunavut coin in precious
metals (without the raised rim and with frosted relief). If you want I can
scan it in and send you an image. It is also on the WBCC Homepage:

5. Bi-metallic Beaumont Trade Token...by Cliff Anderson, USA

The Bi-metallic US trade token from Beaumont Amusement Club, Beaumont, TX,
showing on the homepage, is curious for a couple of reasons. David Schenkman
stated in his catalog that he did not include "amusement tokens" in his
book. This seems to be the only token in this style using the word
"amusement". And notice that the token shows the Club's phone numbers, both
the old and new ones. Quite a few trade tokens in Schenkman's catalog show
addresses (and even some signatures), but no other ones show phone numbers.
Phone numbers with only three digits are REALLY old, maybe even before World
War I.

6. Bi-metallics in Canadian 2000 sets...by Frans Woons, Canada

The Royal Canadian Mint has produced this year five different coin sets for

collectors all containing, among other pieces, the Bi-metallic $ 2 coin. The
sets are:
a. Proof set
b. Specimen set
c. Uncirculated set
d. 2000 "Oh Canada!" set
e. 2000 Tiny Treasures set.
From a reliable source I heard that the coins in the first two sets do not
show a mintmark while the last three sets show the mintmark W (for
Winnipeg). The $ 2 coin in the Proof set is struck in precious metals while
the same coin in the other four sets is struck in base metals.

7. Bi-metallic Poland 2 Zlote 2000 (1)..by Wladyslaw Gebczyk, Poland

I can offer you and to other WBCC members 2 Zlote 2000 coin for 2 USD +
mailing, registered post in Europe 2 USD and outside 3 USD. E-mail me at
WladyslawG@zyzio.imn.gliwice.pl if you have interest.
My mail address is:
Wladyslaw Gebczyk
Ul. Kozielska 69/30
44-121 Gliwice

8. Bi-metallic Poland 2 Zlote 2000 (2)..by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

This week I received the 2 Zlote 2000 and noticed some things:
* The centre of the reverse shows a latent 2000 and 2001.
* The edge has the text "Narodowy Bank Polsky" separated with a star
* 2,000,000 pieces are struck

9. New Bi-metallic images......by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

This weeks new pictures in the WBCC Homepage:

* US 5$ Trade Token/ Coal Scrip from Gibraltar Coal Mining Co. of Brownie Kentucky
* US 1$ Trade Token from Northern Redwood Lumber of Korbel California
* Scotland 25 ECU tri-metallic
* US 5 Cent Trade Token from Beaumont Amusement Club of Beaumont Texas
* Canada Nunavut $2 Mule without a rim for the central piece on the reverse.
This coins is found in some uncirculated sets
* Gold & Silver proof $2 Nunavut coin does have a join between the 2 metals.
It appears this coin is 2 joined pieces even though it is not obvious on the image
* Isle of Man Edward VIII Fantasy Bi-metallic
* USA Bi-metallic Medal presented to Larry Friemel by his Bi-metallic
Hunting Dog
* ICB 25 Ecu Wales Tri-metallics
* ICB 25 Ecu N. Ireland Tri-metallics
* ICB GB 5 Ecu similar design to the Bi-metallic 25 ECU
* Greece 5 Ecu Tri-metallic.

10. Bi-metallic Token from the WBCC....by Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

The WBCC Bi-metallic tokens special made for the World Money Fair event are
still available.

Orders outside US:
Frans Dubois
Lazaruskade 12
2802 ES Gouda
E-mail: dubois.f@wxs.nl

Orders inside US:
Jack Hepler
3557 Graham Meadows Place
Richmond, VA 23233-6659
E-mail: mailto:LESLIE.J.HELPER@saic.com

"See" you next weeks,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
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