Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club

WBCC Newsmail 193, Volume 5, April 22, 2000
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC, martinp@westbrabant.net
Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

Please be prepared for some Bi-metallic news in this week's WBCC Newsmail. I
hope you enjoy reading it !!

1. Bi-metallic from Netherlands and Belgium...by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

To commemorate the European Champion ship Soccer, held from 10 june 10th
till july 2nd 2000 in the Netherlands and Belgium, the Royal Dutch Mint and
the Royal Belgium Mint made a special Mint set. The set contains a new 5
Guilder piece (non Bi-metallic) and two new Belgium 50 Franc pieces (non
Bi-metallic) in 3 languages. The set also contains a Bi-metallic medal. The
ring (gold coloring) has the text about the EU Soccer Championship and the
cities in the Netherlands and Belgium were the matches are played. The
centre depicts the symbol of the Championship and a Soccerball. According to
a spokesman of the Royal Dutch Mint the ring is made by the Royal Dutch Mint
and the centre at the Royal  Belgium Mint !! The 5 Guilder and 50 Franc
pieces are also available loose, but the Bi-metallic only in the set. A
picture of the Bi-metallic can be seen at the WBCC Homepage. For more
information and how one can obtain the set (price 59.95 Dutch Guilders,
about 30 US$) look at:

The Royal Dutch Mint (Dutch and English language):
Muntpost (Dutch language):

2. Bi-metallic Rumour from Canada.......by Kyle Mutcher, Canada

There seem to be plans to strike a Bi-metallic Canada $5, odd shaped brass
ring (7,8 or 9 sided) and has Salmon going upstream on the reverse. Who
knows more?

3. Bi-metallic 500 and 1000 Lire from Vaticane..by Martin Peeters

In a brochure of the Ufficio Filatelico Numismatico Citta del Vaticani there
was an offer of the 1999 Vaticane Mint set with the Bi-metallic 500 and 1000
Lire 1999, commemorate the Human Rights. The set is made by the Italian Mint
and costs 42,000 Lire (about 20.66 US$) postage not included.

Order address:
Ufficio Filatelico e Numismatico Govermataro
00120 Vitta del Vaticano
Tel ++ (06) 6988 3708
Fax ++ (06) 6988 3799

A scan of these new Vaticane Bi-metallic 1999 can be seen in the WBCC
Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html

4. Bi-metallic Peru 5 Soles 2000...by Wladek Gebczyk, Poland

Last week I could obtain the new Peru Bi-metallic 5 Soles with the year
2000. It has the same design (Bird Motiv) the earlier year 1994 and 1995

5. Bi-metallic Czech Republic 50 Korun 2000.by Robert Brokl, Czech Republic

Available now the new Czech Republic 2000 Unc Mint Set with the Bi-metallic
50 Korun 2000. It has the same design (Lion) as the earlier made pieces. The
new 50 Korun 2000 is only availble in the Mint Set.

6. Tri-metallic Andorra 5 Dinar 1999...by Larry Friemel, USA

If someone has interest in the Andorra Tri-metallic 5 Dinar 1999, please
contact me at: lfriemel@internetconnect.net

7. Bi-metallic Algeria 20 Dinar 1992...by Brian Silsbee, USA

The following Algerian Bi-metallic I have available:
Algeria Bi-metallic 20 Dinar 1992. If you are interested, please contact me
at: icssinc@dlogue.net>

8. New Bi- or Tri-metallic images....by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

This weeks new pictures in the WBCC Homepage:

* Bi-metallic Medal from the Year 2000 Netherland/Belgium Special Mint Set
* Australia 2000 $5 Phar Lap Bi-metallic
* Vatican 1999 1000 Lire
* Vatican 1999 500 Lire
* Peru  Year 2000 5 Soles
* PA 750BE, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Transportation Authority, SEPTA
* RI 521D, Rhode Island Turnpike and Bridge Authority, Newport Bridge
* MI 845Z, Saginaw, Michigan, Transit System Authority, STS

9. Coin World article............by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

The following article can be read in the April 17th edition of Coin World at
the frontpage.

U.S. Mint ready to open sales of its first ringed bimetal coin
Library of Congress commem begins new era
By Paul Gilkes
Coin World Staff
Sales of the United States'first ringed bimetallic coin - a platinum and
Gold $10 commemorative marking the bicentennial of the Library of Congress -
begin April 24. The U.S. Mint will simultaneously mail order forms and other
promotional literature that day to more tham 1 million potential customers.
it will also launch sales on its Web side at www.usmint.gov and takes orders
through its telephone ordering lines at 1(800)USA-MINT and (202)283-2646
(Customer Care Center). The coins will also be offered through its public
sales outlets at the Philadelphia ans Denver Mints at Union Station in
Washington DC. A launch event scheduled for the morning of April 24 in the
Great Hall of the Library's Jefferson Building will include the issue of the
bimetallic $ 10 coins and the Library of Congress Bicentennial silver
Dollars. First-day philatelic covers bearing the issue of a 33-cent Library
of Congress commemorative stamp will be offered at the same venue. The
Library of Congress coins will be available for sale following the event in
the Thomas Jefferson Building as well as the Library's nearby James Madison
Building. The pre-issue discount period for sales runs through June 9, after
which regular issue prices will be charged. The enabling legislation
authorizes the production of up to 500,000 silver dollars, each to be sold
with a $5 surcharge, and up to 200,000 bimetallic coins, each with a $50
surcharge. Surcharges, after associated production costs are recouped, will
be forwarded to the Library of Congress Trust Fund Board to support its
Bicentennial programs, educational outreach (including schools and
libraries), and other activities. The ringed bimetallic $10 coin employs two
seperate planchets - an outer quarter ounce .900 fine gold ring and a
quarter ounce .9995 platinum core. Accordin.g to information supplied by the
Mint's Office of Public Affairs, the platinum core and outer gold ring are
struck simultaneously, forming an annular bead where the two precious metals
meet, locking the gold and platinum parts together. The Mint did not have
technical information available as of March 31 as to the producer of the
gold and silver planchets, whether both components have upset rims, the
kinnd of presses being used, number of strikes to bring up design relief,
tonnage per strike, and how the blanks are fed between the coinage dies. The
overall diameter of the $ 10 coin is 27 millimeters, plus or minus 0.08 mm,
with a weight of 16.25 grams. It has a reeded edge. Plans were being made to
attempt to have the two members of the Mint's engraving staff at the
Philadelphia Mint responsible for designing and engraving the dies for the
coins - John Meccanti and Thomas D. Rogers Sr - to be in attendance at the
April 24 event at the Librery of Congress. Mercanti designed the obverse of
the $ 10 coin and the reverse of the silver dollar Rogers designed the $ 10
coin's reverse and the obverse of the silver dollar. The pre-issue discount
prices are $395 for the $10 Proof and $380 for the Uncirculated, $28 for the
Proof silver dollar and $25 for the Uncirculated. After June 9, the regular
issue prices are $425 for the Proof $ 10 and $405 for the Uncirculated coin,
$32 for the Proof silver dollar and $27 for the Uncirculated. If ordered
over the Mint's Web site, there is no shipping charge. Orders by telephone,
fax or mail carry a $3.95 shipping charge per order.

--Remark WBCC Focal Point: In last week WBCC Newsmail, WBCC member Jim
Snider, USA did already mentioned the Coin World article. This time I
printed it completely. A scan of the new USa Bi-metallic 10$ can be seen in
the WBCC Homepage in the section ustokens:

"See" you next weeks,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
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