Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club

WBCC Newsmail 224, Volume 5, November 25, 2000
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC, martinp@westbrabant.net
Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

Please take a seat a read this weeks WBCC Newsmail, with very much
interesting Bi-metallic news. I hope you enjoy reading it!!

1. A new WBCC member.......by Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

We have a new member. Let me introduce him to you

Name: Jorn Bech (WBCC member #188), Denmark
E-mail:  bech@jyde.dk or skbmf@image.dk
Age: 41
Profession: Cunsultant - Mechanical Engeneer
Hobby: World coins and tokens including many Bi- and/or Tri-metallics
Goal: Well! not sure but I would of cause try to get my hand on as many
interesting coins (espesially Bi-metalic) as possible from all over the

2. My new E-mail address.... by Cliff Anderson, WBCC Public Relations Centre

Please read my new E-mail address: Cliff Anderson (WBCC member #38),

3. Bi-metallic news from China.....by Liu Jian, Peoples Republic of China

Just watch the TV news this week. A good news for our WBCC collectors. There
will be a new Bi-metallic coins issued in Peoples Republic of China
commemorating the Millennium. Face value is 10 Yuan, mintage is 10,000,000.
Issue date of this new Bi-metallic coin of China is Nov.28. Sorry no picture
available now.

4. Bi-metallic Australian $10, The Present...by Rod Sell, Australia

I have managed to get some of the Bi-metallic Australian $10 "The Present".
The cost of the coin is US$32 plus postage. Normal airmail is US$2 and
registered airmail is US$5. Those members who have previously ordered a coin
please advise if you want registered airmail postage. E-mail me at:

5. Bi-metallic MTT from Zwitserland.........by Hans Bucek, Zwitserland

Refering to WBCC Newsmail 221 item 2, I want all WBCC members to know that
the new 10 Frank Bi-metallic 2001 issue Basel (The Doppelstäbler) can be
seen on www.basel2001.ch/home/muenzen/muenzen.htm
The date of release is still not clear to me, because a local magazine said
that starting from Nov. 3. 2000 it will be available from the Basel Kantonal
Banks and when I asked the Bank, they did not have the coins yet and said it
will come out next year.
If you look in www.huguenin.ch homepage, they announce the Doppelstäbler

6. Inlay coins from Andorra......by José Luis Ramírez, Spain

The last week I was visited a numismatic convention in the city of Valencia.
I don't see many Bi-metallics coins dated in the year 2000 (only the 10 and
20 Mexican Pesos) but I can buyed two inlays coins from Andorra. The Krause
catalog say about this coins:

20 Diners 1993 KM 90
Coins minted 5000
The coin was made with 25 grammes of silver 925 with and inlay of 1,6
grammes of gold 917.
This coin showed in the inlay an image of Saint George

20 Diners 1994 KM 100
Coins minted 5000
The coin was made with 25 grammes of silver 925 with and inlay of 1,6
grammes of gold 917.
This coin showed in the inlay ant image of Peter III of Aragon and

7. Inlay medal...............by José Luis Ramírez, Spain

One month ago I have buyed a inlay medal in e-bay. A picture can be seen in
the WBCC Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html
 I don't know in the origin of this medal but I think that may be german. The
obverse show a goddess with the words: Dein Talisman. The reverse have the
12 zodiac symbols surronded the inlay and the words: Trage mich stets bei
dir und verliere mich nicht. The inlay show a bull head and the Tauro symbol
(my zodiac symbol).
If any member of the WBCC knows the meaning of the words showed in the medal
please send to me the translate text in english to my e-amil address
Member Joel Anderson have in his webpage an "Astrology-Cancer medallion"
that maybe have the same design of this medal. http://www.joelscoins.com

8. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game (#224)...by Jack Hepler, USA

The Vatican City has issued Bi-metallic coins for many years. In fact, the
issue began in 1982 and was among the first of the modern Bi-metallic
issues. The official name of the Vatican is Stato Della Citta Del Vaticano
and it is the smallest independent state in the world. It is foreign soil to
Italian citizens though located entirely within Rome. How many people
inhabit the Vatican City?
a. 700
b. 7000
c. 70000
d. 700000
Please send your answer to me: mailto:heplerl@saic.com Next week you can read the
correct answer.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #223.
The standard Bi-metallic of Brazil, the one Real, features five stars in the
design. This theme has been present on coins of Brazil dating back to
becoming a Republic in 1889. What is the significance of the five stars in
the coin design.
a. Five periods of economic growth.
b. Five stars of the Southern Cross.
c. Major regions of Brazil, Patrias.
d. Traditional heroes of the Republic.
Answer to Question #223 is b. Five stars of the Southern Cross
Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #222; 75% Correct

9. Bi-metallic Inlay Pandas coin...by Liu Jian, Peoples Republic of China

When you look in the WBCC Homepage,
http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html you can see an
image of the new Inlay 2000 issue Bi-metallic (gold inlay circle) 1 Oz
silver Panda coin.
I have them in stock, coin packed in original box with Centificate of
Authenticity. Price is $30 each. (Please add $5 as international P&I.). If
you are interested, please E-mail me at: mailto:luij@public.ytptt.sd.cn

10. Bi-metallic Canada 2 Dollar Play money.by Patrick Glassford, Canada

I recently acquired a Play Money set that included a copy of the Bi-metallic
Two Dollar coin. An image has been in the WBCC Homepage
http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html. The replica coin
is made of silver-gray plastic that has the centre core area spray painted
in a gold colour. The word "COPY" is raised across the obverse and reverse.
The set that contains these replicas has the company logo on the cover, by
the "PIGGY BANK LTD". The set is made in China, and also includes
reproductions of all current coinage and currency. These types of sets are
sold in discount stores, supermarkets, pharmacies and toy stores. These sets
appear to be very new on the market, I have 7 other types of sets from the
same maker, gathered over years, that do not contain the Bi-metallic Two
Dollar coin. I bought the set at a "Dollar Store" in Montreal recently,
unfortunately there was only one set left in stock. If you may be interested
in a set or coin, please let me know and I will try to locate more of these
sets. I collect play sets from all countries and would be very happy to
trade such material. I prefer intact unopened sets and have many different
types of sets to trade. Please contact me at err@netcom.ca

11. WBCC Auction Page (WAP).........by Rod Sell, WAP provider

WBCC  Auction 2 has closed. Look for the result on:

WBCC Auction 3 is open now and closes 10 PM Sydney Time December 1, 2000
Sydney is 11 Hrs ahead of Greenwich Time.

Listed are:
* Portugal 200 Escudos 2000, Sidney
* Chile 500 Pesos 2000
* 6 Chocolate future 2002 Bi-metallic Euros
* Jamaica 20 dollars 2000 UNC
* Thailand 2000 10 Baht  Queen Mother
* Finland 1997 20 Markkaa
* Australia 1994 $5

WBCC Auction 4 details can now send to Rod Sell at mailto:Rod.Sell@elderwyn.comIf
possible send a scan of the coin.

12. New Bi- or Tri-metallic images....by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

This weeks new pictures in the WBCC Homepage:

* Canada  Play Money
* Switzerland 10 Frank Bi-metallic 2001 issue Basel (The Doppelstäbler).
* Andorra 1993 20 Diners  St. George
* Andorra 1994 20 Diners  Peter III of Aragon and Catalonia
* Germany Zodiac Good Luck Token
* Italy Chocolate Euro
* Algeria 20 Dinar 1999
* GB 1997 2 Pound error

13. Visiting a WBCC member........by Jack Hepler, USA

I was in St. Louis last week and met with Norm Bowers (WBCC member #42) I
got three Bi-metallics from Norm; one is the Ecco L'Euro, 2000 with a
picture of Pope John Paul II. Another is Ecco L'Euro Maschio Angioino
Napoli. And the third is the Albanian, 100 Leke. Norm has lots of
Bi-metallics in stock and may be contacted  by phone (618) 624-4418 or by
mail (He doesn't have email yet)
Norm Bowers
P.O. Box 1324
O'Fallon, IL 62269
Norm has a catalog of Bi-metallics annotated to show the coins he has in
stock but he often has others that are not listed. You can write to Norm and
give him a 'want list'. If you would like a copy of his catalog, I can
e-mail it as an attachment."

14. Visiting a coinshow..........by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Last Sunday I visited the Coin convention Numismata in Berlin and spoke to
the German Mint especially about the future (Bi-metallic) Euros. The new
think I heard was the the egde of the German 2 Euro will have the insciption
"Einigkeit, Recht Und Frieden" (Unity, right and freedom). Further the
spokesman confurmed me that the dates will be 2002 on all Euro coins, also
when they are struck in 1999, 2000 and 2001. Also they confirmed all 5
German Mints are striking the (Bi-metallic) Euros.

15. The World Of Bi-metallic Catalog...by Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

The 35th issue of The World Of Bi-metallics catalog (issue dated December
1st) is ready for distribution. TWOB-35 covers all known ringed Bi- or
Tri-metallics Coins/Medals/Euros/Future 2002 Euros and Tokens from all over
the world. It will be sent to WBCC members by snail mail or sent as an
attached Excel file.

16. Coin World article (1)................by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Copyright story reprinted by permission of Amos Press Inc. from the November
6, 2000 issue of Coin World, Sidney, OH.

Austrian commemorative celebrates
Life of founder of Porsche automobiles
The name of Porsche is famous around the world. Less well-known is that the
brilliant engineer and inventor, Ferdinand Porsche, was born in Austria 125
years ago, or that 100 years ago his first car was awarded a prize at the
1900 Paris World's Fair. Those are two reasons for the Austrian Mint to
issue a 50-schilling ringed bimetallic coin commemorating Ferdinand Porsche.
This coin is the eighth coin in a series of Austrian ringed bimetallic coins
first launched in 1996.
There will be 600,000 of this new base metal circulation coin issued through
banks in Austria, while 100,000 in special Uncirculated versions will be
available to collectors in a blister pack.
The reverse of the coin shows a portrait of Ferdinand Porsche taken from a
well-known photograph, together with his first car, an electric four-wheel
drive that he constructed for the Viennese firm of Lohner. It was this
vehicle that received the prize in Paris a hundred years ago. The
inscription reads ferdinand porsche 1875-1951 : 100 jahre lohner-porsche and
the date 2000.
The obverse bears the traditional circle of provincial coats-of-arms with 50
schilling and republik osterreich.
The coin measures 26.5 millimeters in diameter and weighs 8.15 grams. The
outer golden-colored ring is copper-nickel while the insert is Magnimat 7, a
patented proprietary nickel-based alloy with electromagnetic properties to
permit usage in vending machines.
Collectors may purchase this Porsche coin for $9 in U.S. funds or $13.95 in
Canadian funds from Euro Collections International by calling (888) 904-5544
or faxing (250) 658-1455. E-mail  info@eurocollections.com.

17. Coin World article (2)................by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Copyright story reprinted by permission of Amos Press Inc. from the November
6, 2000 issue of Coin World, Sidney, OH.

Perth issues 2001 commems
Start of new millennium theme for new coins
Officials of the Perth Mint in Australia are predicting collector demand to
result in early sell-outs of the Mint's 2001 Millennium coins, which were
launched Oct. 20 at the ANDA Coin, Note and Stamp Show in Melbourne, based
on last year's demand.
The Perth Mint's 2000 Millennium coins sold out within days of their launch
on Oct. 4, 1999, report Mint officials.
Subsequent demand from within Australia and overseas has seen both coins
double in value on the secondary coin market, according to the Perth Mint.
"Following the overwhelming public response to the 2000 Millennium coins,
there has been equally strong collector demand for official coins
commemorating the 2001 Millennium," said Veronica Maguire, general manager
of The Perth Mint's marketing arm, GoldCorp Australia.
"Strictly speaking, 2001 is the true start of the new millennium, and we
have been inundated with requests from collectors for official commemorative
coinage to mark this important milestone."
Unveiling the coins, Barry Jones of the Perth Mint urged Australians to
celebrate the "real thing" on Jan. 1, 2001.
"The Year 2000 is the 100th year of the 20th century. It can't be anything
else. We should celebrate 1 January 2001 with gusto, remembering that it
will be a new century, a new millennium and Australia's Centennial Day," he
Like the 2000 Millennium coins, the 2001 coins feature innovative coining
technology and colorful celestial themes depicting the passage of time.
The pure silver 2001 silver Millennium coin features Ancient Egyptian
symbols against a colored satellite image of Earth.
The design pays tribute to the ancient Egyptians' understanding of astronomy
and time keeping, with symbols including Cleopatra's Needle, deities from
the Temple of Hator, and winged sun discs. The morning star, Sirius, is
depicted rising above Cleopatra's Needle, and a pure gold insert depicts the
Sun. A maximum of 30,000 individual coins will be issued.
The Gregorian Millennium 2001 ringed bimetallic coin is fashioned after a
modern chronograph watch-face. A 99.99 percent pure gold border, featuring
the words gregorian millennium 2001, surrounds a 99.9 percent pure silver
centerpiece. The Gregorian calendar, the basis of Western date keeping, is
named after Pope Gregory XIII, who, in 1582, reformed the calendar in line
with the solar year.
The hour hands indicate 8 a.m. in Western Australia, which is 0.00 Greenwich
Mean Time. The second hand shows one second, to represent the leap seconds
that are occasionally added to synchronize today's atomic time keeping with
the rotation of the Earth. Three different views of the Earth signify its
orbit around the sun, and the sun itself, at 12 o'clock, forms the letter o
in gregorian.
The colored background depicts an observatory and night sky to symbolize the
historic observations of the movements of the stars and planets that have
led to today's highly accurate methods of time keeping. Only 7,500
individual Gregorian Millennium ringed bimetallic coins will be issued.
Both coins depict the Ian Rank-Broadley image of Queen Elizabeth II and are
legal tender under the Australian Currency Regulations Act.
The coins are presented in cases, each with a serial-numbered certificate of
The silver Millennium coin was designed by Jovan Radanovich and the ringed
bimetallic coin by Paul Drok, in collaboration with The Perth Mint's
Marketing Department.
The 2001 silver Millennium coin is priced at $60 in Australian dollars and
the Gregorian Millennium 2001 ringed bimetallic coin is priced at $332
Australian. They are available from major Australian coin dealers beginning
Oct. 20.
>From Monday, Oct. 23, the coins will also be available at The Perth Mint
Shop, 310 Hay St., East Perth, Western Australia, or by mail order by
phoning 1800 353 756. Direct questions by e-mail to
AUSTRALIA'S PERTH MINTis offering these two commemorative coins celebrating
the beginning of the new millennium in January.

18. Coin World article (3)................by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Copyright story reprinted by permission of Amos Press Inc. from the November
13, 2000 issue of Coin World, Sidney, OH.

British Royal Mint receives green light to strike Proof coin set for

The British Royal Mint has been authorized, by the Falkland Islands
Treasury, to issue special 1999 Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated sets
containing the seven circulating coins together with the Millennium £2
coin - the first bimetallic coin to be issued by the Falklands.
A mintage of 2,500 Proof sets has been authorized while mintage of the
Brilliant Uncirculated Collection is unlimited.
The 1999 Falkland Islands Proof and Brilliant Uncirculated collections mark
two numismatic anniversaries: the 100th anniversary of the official adoption
of British currency, and the 25th anniversary of the introduction of the
first Falkland Islands coinage.
The Falkland Islands circulating coins have changed little since their
introduction in 1974, and carry the same reverse designs as at the time of
their introduction.
The coins have become smaller, but continue to bear the obverse portrait of
Queen Elizabeth II by the late Arnold Machin, with the exception of those
coins issued since then - the £1 coin bearing the couped portrait of the
queen by Raphael Maklouf and the £2 coin bearing Maklouf's uncouped portrait
of Her Majesty.
The Millennium £2 coin is the first bimetallic coin to be issued by the
Falkland Islands.
Royal Mint engraver Matthew Bonaccorsi took inspiration for his design from
the expansive wildlife for which the Falklands are famed.
The copper-nickel center, framed by a mariner's rope to symbolize the
Islanders' dependence on the bounty of the sea, shows the Falklands lit by
the dawning of the sun.
The outer ring of nickel-brass depicts many of the different species that
live and thrive in this group of islands.
The £2 coin is round, 38.61 millimeters in diameter, and weighs 28.28 grams.
The 1999 Falkland Islands Proof set is offered in a display case. The
Brilliant Uncirculated collection is housed in a presentation folder.
Prices of the eight-coin circulating coin sets are:
1999 Falkland Islands Proof set, $49.95 (U.S. funds), $79.95 (Canadian
1999 Falkland Islands Brilliant Uncirculated Collection, $19.95 (U.S.
funds), $29.95 (Canadian funds)
Orders and inquiries should be addressed to the British Royal Mint,
Cheyenne, WY 82008-0031.
Add $4.95 postage and handling per order or call toll free (800) 221-1215.
Collectors in Canada should contact the British Royal Mint, P.O. Box 33518,
Dundurn Postal Outlet, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4X4. Telephone 800-563-5943.
Add $5.95 postage and handling and 7 percent GST/HST plus provincial taxes
where appropriate. Visit the Web site at http://www.royalmint.com/ and
E-mail: admin@roymint.demon.co.uk.

THE MINTAGE has been limited to 2,500 for a Proof coin set issued by the
Falkland Islands and struck by the British Royal Mint. The Uncirculated set
mintage is unlimited. The sets include  the Millennium £2 coin - the first
bimetallic coin to be issued by the Falklands.

"See" you next weeks,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
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