Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club

WBCC Newsmail 227, Volume 5, December 16, 2000
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC, bi.metallic@kabelfoon.nl
Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

A lot of Bi-metallic news in this weeks WBCC Newsmail. Further a Bi- (and or
Tri-)metallic contest on initiative of José Ramírez from Spain to choose
your favorite Bi- or Tri-metallic. I hope you join the contest and enjoy
reading this weeks edition!!

1. A new WBCC members......by Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

We have new WBCC members. Let me introduce them to you:

Name: Fabio Maggiore (WBCC member #191), Italy
E-mail: maggiore@libero.it
Homepage: http://digilander.iol.it/maggioref
Age: 29
Profession: Lawyer
Hobby: World coins and tokens including many Bi- and/or Tri-metallics
Goal: Get one coin for each type struck for circulation in the world (XIX,
XX and XXI century)
Against: Non circulating legal tender coins

2. My new E-mail address (1)...by Yossi Barzelay, Israel

Please read my new E-mail address: Yossi Barzelay (WBCC member #72),

3. My new E-mail address (2)...by Jack Hepler, USA

Please read my new E-mail address: Jack Hepler (WBCC member #47),

4. My new E-mail address (3)...by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Please read my new E-mail address: Martin Peeters (WBCC member #1),

5. Bi- (and or Tri-)metallic contest...by José Ramírez, Spain

The end of the year is near and is a good date to make again a WBCC contest
to choose the most beautiful Bi-metallic OR Tri-metallic of the year. I
understand that the 20th century will end December 31th. 2000, also is a
good time to choose the Bi-metallic OR Tri-metallic of the century.

If you have made choice please E-mail me at: mailto:jlramirez@retemail.esand the
results will be published in WBCC Newsmail 229 of December 30th. 2000.
Please write why you think your choices is good.

My choices are:
Best Bi-metallic of 2000.
Gibraltar 1/2 Crown named "Tupenny Blue". I think that this coin is the most
beautiful coin of the year beacause it has the blue color, the first time
that one Bi-metallic has the blue color.

Best Bi-metallic of the 20th century.
Portugal 200 Escudos 1995 KM 679. 50th anniversary of the UN. I choose this
coin as the most beautiful coin of the century because the design of the
obverse with the puzzle pieces is the best that I know in Bi-metallic coins,
tokens or medals.

6. Bi-metallic medal from Israel..........by Frans Woons, Canada

Today (December 12) I received from the "Israel Government Coins and Medals
Corporation" a brochure in which a set of six different Bi-metallic medals
is offered for sale for US $ 49. The first 1000 sets will be presented in a
deluxe olive wood box at no extra charge. A description of the medals is as
follows: "The "Prime Ministers of Israel" Medal Set commemorates the six
Prime Ministers of Israel who passed away: David Ben Gurion, Moshe Sharett,
Levi Eshkol, Golda Meir, Menachem Begin, and Yitzhak Rabin. This set of
medals struck on extra thick [piedfort] Bi-metallic blanks is issued in
addition to the Prime Ministers Medals struck in precious medals. The
Bi-metallic blanks consist of an outer ring of nickel-bonded steel with
aureate-bonded bronze in the center."
The set is available at: http://www.coins.co.il/
A picture of these 6 Bi-metallic medals can be seen in the WBCC Homepage:

7. Bi-metallic Israel 10 Sheqalim 2000......by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

>From the Israel Government Coins and Medals Corp. I received the following

The 10 New Sheqalim Coins of Israel are Bi-metallic. Therefore, both the NIS
10 Coins in the "Menorah" and "Hanukka 5761/2000" Coin Sets are Bi-metallic.
The Hanukka Coin has the special tiny "Hanukka Lamp" mint mark and word
"Hanukka". The coin in the "Menorah" Set is an uncirculated coin minted in
the Hebrew year 5759 (corresponding to 1998-99).
If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to contact me.
Best regards,
Rivka Toledano
Israel Government Coins and Medals Corp.
P.O. Box 7900, Jerusalem 91078, Israel
Tel. 972-2-560-0148
Fax 972-2-563-4496
email: medals@coins.co.il

8. Bi-metallic Cuba-Benin-Kampuchea test token..by Cliff Anderson, USA

Shown on the WBCC Homepage
http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html is the
Cuba-Benin-Kampuchea Bi-metallic test token which was featured in WBCC
Newsmail 213, Item 8. That piece is described by its dealer as follows:

In the early 1990s, before anyone else had really thought of it, the Mint of
Cuba began experimenting with the manufacturing process for a Bi-metallic
crown (they eventually produced their first Bi-metallic piece in 2000).
Being unsure of the technology and unable to purchase it due to the embargo,
the Mint made an attempt to produce a core and a ring and fuse them
together. A total of four pieces were struck. Three have an aluminum ring
around an aluminum core. The fourth [this one] has a copper ring around an
aluminum core.

What is even more fascinating, however, is that the dies used to produce the
two pieces were from the coins made for two different countries: the outer
ring is struck from the die for a Benin 1993 1000 francs; the inner core is
for a Kampuchea 5 sen coin of 1979. The Mint was unfamiliar with the
technology of bi-metallism, and the test strike was not a success. As the
copper is harder han the aluminum, a bubble effect was produced as the hard
outer core exerted undue pressure on the centre plug.

This unique piece has lain in the private possession of a member of the
government [of Cuba] since it was first made, and was only recently

The Benin piece is KM 6. Note the chain of elephants around the rim. They
used the same die for both sides of the test piece. If you have the actual
KM 6 coin or find it in Krause, you'll see that the real coin has a
different obverse. On the scan of the Bi-metallic piece you can see the tip
of the elephant's ear just under the "LA" of the inscription "PROTECTION DE
LA NATURE ELEPHANT DU BENIN", and the water and foliage, and part of the
"1993" date below the "1979" of the 5 sen coin.

The Kampuchea coin is KM 69. Not only did the 5 sen coin dimple, the dimpled
part protruded enough to be marked and slightly flattened by the stamping
machine. It looks like they simply tried to encase the 5 sen core with
pressure. The 5 sen piece is thinner than the Benin coin, and I can see
about a third of the width of the interior hole exposed above the dimpled 5
sen coin. That inside edge does not show any v-shaped locking groove.

It seems clear that at the time, the Cuba Mint made coins for Benin and
Kampuchea. Both were socialist regimes, though Benin seems to have abandoned
its Marxist ideology starting in 1990.

9. Bi-metallics from Vaticane City...by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

According brochure of the UFN, Oficio Filatelico e Numismatico of the
Vaticane City, Vaticane City will issue a 2000 and 2001 Mint set with the
Bi-metallic 500 and 1000 Lire. The 2000 set commemorates the year 2000 and
the 2001 set commemorates the Lire of the Pope.

10. Bi-metallic Token from Rusia..........by Rod Sell, Australia

The following information I received from Wadim Nensberg about a new
Bi-metallic medal from Russia:

Attached is new b/m token from serie "Imperators"
This ones is named: "Konstantin XI 1825-XII 1825  1777-1831"
Check the date of rule - 1 month only !!!!
Very mistique Imperator - refused to be a Czar !!!
This token is gold plated. From left to right = mint mark-date of
issue-plated mark of 13K

You can see a scan of this Bi-metalli Russia medal in the WBCC Homepage:

11. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game (#227)...by Jack Hepler, USA

Heroes are another favorite subject for coin designs. The Dominican Republic
issued a Bi-metallic 5 Pesos in 1997 which honors one of its national
heroes. He along with two of his compatriots was instrumental in leading a
revolt which resulted in independence from the Haitian dominated government.
Which of the following notable figures is featured on the Dominican Republic
Bi-metallic 5 Pesos.
a. Rafael Leonidas Trujillo Molina
b. Francisco del Rosario Sanchez
c. Ramon Mella
d. Juan Pablo Duarte
Please send your answer to me: heplerj@juno.com. Next week you can read the
correct answer.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #226.
International commerce is a reality throughout the 21st Century world.
Communication of a country's money to visitors and merchants is paramount.
Because many countries have languages that are not widely spoken, their
money may be shown with more than the local language. Often this practice is
seen in the country's coinage. Which of the countries listed below, show
Bi-metallic coin value in three languages?
a. Cambodia
b. China
c. Sri Lanka
d. Thailand
Answer to Question #226 is "c"; Sri Lanka
Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #225 ; 75% Correct

12. Bi-metallic Australia The Present sold out !!........by Rod Sell, Australia

I was informed today that the A$10 The Present Bi-metallic has been sold out
at the Royal Australian Mint. The mintage was 20,000 and it took just 3
weeks for all of them to be sold. The Sydney Dealers are now charging US$50
for them. I noticed 2 on ebay at US$35 so if you want one get in fast.

13. WBCC Auction Page (WAP).........by Rod Sell, WAP Provider

WBCC  Auction 5 has closed. Look for the result at:

WBCC Auction 6 is open now and closes 10 PM Sydney Time December 22, 2000
Sydney is 11 Hrs ahead of Greenwich Time.

Please read the WBCC Auction Rules.

Listed are:
* Germany, Bi-metallic Blank, Schuler Presses , Reserve $1
* Canada, Edmonton Numismatic Society. Reserve $2
* WBCC Members Bi-Metallic Basel Fair Jan 2000. Reserve $2
* Netherlands, 1997 MTT City Utrecht, Willibrord, Reserve $2
* Netherlands, Medal Dutch Munt Set 1998, King Lodewijk I, Reserve $3
* Netherlands 1996 5 Euro Mitterand , Reserve $12
* US$1 Trade Token from Gibraltar Coal Mining Co. of Brownie Kentucky,
Reserve $12
* Mexico 1994 50 Peso, silver centre. Reserve $18
* Jordan 1997 1/2 Dinar.  Reserve $5
* Oman 100 Baiza 1991, Reserve $4
* San Marino 500 Lire 1988, Reserve $2
* Netherlands Utrecht Token, Reserve $3
* USA Durango Colorado Token- Reserve $2
* Italy 2 Tokens: Morano (Mix) & Pinguino Verde- Reserve $4
* Poland KM283 2 Zlote 1994. Reserve $2.50
* Poland KM284 5 Zlotych 1994. Reserve $3.50
* Poland KM215 20000 Zlotych 1991 225 Years Mintage. Reserve $18
* Poland 2 Zlote 2000 the turn of milleniums. Reserve $2
* Poland 10 Zlotych 2000 The 1000th ann. convention Gniezno Reserve $25

WBCC Auction 7 details can now send to Rod Sell at Rod.Sell@elderwyn.com If
possible send a scan of the coin.

14. My Trip to the Perth Mint.........by Jeff Timmons, USA

I recently returned home after spending about 4 weeks in Perth, Australia.
During my stay, I had the opportunity to visit the Perth Mint, where some of
the nicest Bi-metallic coins (in my opinion) have been minted. They have
frequent tours through much of the mint, and I took one of these tours. They
did a gold pouring demonstration, and I had the opportunity to have a
medallion created with the inscription of my choice. After the tour ended, I
visited the mint's gift shop. They had many items for sale. Among the items,
there were 2 Bi-metallic coins: the 1999 $20 Centenary Sovereign and the
2000 $20 Third Millennium. I never imagined seeing either coins in person,
but I almost cried when I saw the price on the coin holders. During my stay
in Perth, I also visited a couple of coin shops in the main tourist areas.
One store had no Bi-metallics, even Australian, and the other had
Bi-metallics, but only from Australia. Nevertheless, I purchased the 2000 $5
Phar Lap coin that they had available. I saved a lot of money buying it in
person in Australia, than buying it mail-order from home.

15. New Bi- or Tri-metallic images....by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

This weeks new pictures in the WBCC Homepage:

* Cuba-Benin-Kampuchea Bi-metallic test token
* Russia Imperators Series for Konstantin XI 1825-XII 1825  1777-1831
* China 10 Yuan 1994 Gold & Silver
* China 1999 International Horticultural Exposition Kunming
* Canada Year of the Dragon coin
* Pictures of WBCC member Jeff Timmons at The Perth Mint
* Israel 6 set serie of Ministers
* Croatia 2000 25 Kuna

16. WBCC Encased Set still available..by Jack Hepler, WBCC Developement Centre

A few of the WBCC Encased Set of the World are still available. For the
Encased 4-Coin Set send $10 US per set for orders going to US or Canadian
Addresses or $11 for addresses outside the US and Canada. Insurance and
registration are extra. Individual encased coins are $3, please specify
country desired: Australia, Canada, Netherlands, US.

Please send your payment to:
Jack Hepler
3557 Graham Meadows Place
Richmond, VA 23233-6659
E-mail: heplerj@juno.com

For orders going to European addresses send payment to:
Martin Peeters
Amer 7
4761 HS Zevenbergen
E-mail: bi.metallic@kabelfoon.nl

Pictures of these unusual WBCC Encased coins can be seen in the WBCC
Homepage http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html

17. Bi-metallic Croatia 25 Kuna 2000...by Fabio Guerrieri, Italy

Available now the new Bi-metallic 25 Kuna 2000 from Croatia depicting a
Phoetus. A picture can be seen in the WBCC Homepage: This weeks new pictures
in the WBCC Homepage:
http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html Price is 8$,
postage not included. If you have interest please E-mail me at: guerrie@tin.it

18. Somalia recently introduced a set of seven multi-colored tri-metallic 250
Shilling coins featuring "A History of Worlds Shipping". by Joel Anderson

The 39mm tri-metallic coins feature a 23mm gold-colored alloy center plug,
surrounded by a 29mm silver-colored middle ring, which is surrounded by a
gold-colored alloy outer ring.  The gold center plug highlights the
multi-colored picture of the ship.  The color is applied through the use of
an appliqué. The recently released coins, dated 1998, utilized the designs
of an earlier series of seven "History of World Shipping" coins that were
issued on copper-nickel and silver. The coins include the Greek Trireme,
Roman Merchant ship, Hansa Trading Cog, Caravel Explorer Nina, Saliling
Clipper 'Cutty Sark', The Titanic sailing and The Titanic Sinking.

After the collapse of the central government of Somalia in 1991 the country
has been in an almost constant state of civil war, with various clans
controlling small portions of the country and the formal break-away of the
northern portion of the nation which formed the Somaliland Republic.
Intervention by the United States and other nations in 1992 did little to
end the fighting.  A peace conference held this past summer in Djibouti has
brought about plans for reconciliation and reestablishment of a central
government, though much work is still to be done.

The set of seven tri-metallic multi-color coins are available at $140.00
postpaid in the USA from Joel Anderson. Individual coins may also be
available at $30 each.  Anderson may be contacted at PO Box 3016  Merced,
CA 95344-1016 USA or by e-mail at joel@joelscoins.com or by phone or fax at
(209) 722-5426, or through his website at www.joelscoins.com.

Picture attached: som3mship.jpg, also available for download at

19. Bi-metallic future 2002 Euro blanks..by Ivan Florine, Belgium

I can offer the blanks of the future 2002 Bi-metallic 1 and 2 Euro. The
price is per piece 150 Euro (about 130US$) a coin or 250 Euro (about
220US$) for the couple. If you have interest e-mail me at:

"See" you next weeks,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
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