Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club

WBCC Newsmail 236, Volume 6, February 17, 2001
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC, bi.metallic@kabelfoon.nl
Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

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1. My new E-mail address...by Jeff Timmons, USa

Please read my new E-mail address: Jeff Timmons (WBCC member #36)

2. Question....by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

It has been highlighted recently that some Members would not like their
Email Address or Name listed on the Members and Swap pages for security
reasons. If you would like either removed please send me an email at:
rod.sell@elderwyn.com and I will make the adjustment.

3. Tri-metallics from Gribraltar...by José Luis Ramírez Monleón, Spain

In Pobjoy's page, http://www.pobjoy.co/uk/pobjoy.asp, one can read about 2
new Trii-metallic from Gibraltar:

World's first precious metal Tri-metal coin

This month we bring you news of the World's First Precious Metal Tri-Metal
Coin which has been launched by the Gibraltar Government to commemorate the
beginning of a new century. This unique coin comprises three rings; one of
platinum, one of gold and one of silver with each metal illustrating a
different era in time combining to make a very attractive coin.

The Pobjoy Mint is delighted to announced the production of the World’s
first precious metal Tri-Metal coin. To commemorate the beginning of a new
Century, the Gibraltar Government is launching this unique coin which
comprises three rings; one of platinum, one of gold and one of silver with
each metal illustrating a different era in time combining to make a very
attractive coin. A silver 1oz tri-colour version of this coin is also being
issued. The centre ring in this coin is silver, the middle ring is
gold-plated and the outer ring is black. This unique coin is also available
in cupro nickel.

* The Silver is 1oz tri-coloured silver (silver,gold-plated silver and black
silver), 31.10 gms, 38.6 mm, 2001 issue limit in a box  £59.95
* The gold is tri-metal 1 Crown (silver 11.70 gms, gold 14.20 gms, and
platinum 5.20gms), weight 31.10 gms, 38.6 mm, 999 issue limit) in a box

--Remark WBCC Focal Point: Pictures can be seen in the Pobjoy Homepage and
the WBCC Homepage: http://www.geocities.com/RodeoDrive/7513/wbcc/wbcc.html

4. Bi-metallic from Finland.......by Paul Baker, UK

In the homepage of the Finland Mint (http://www.mint.fi/comm.htm) one can
read the following:

Lahti 2001 WSC-Commemorative Coin
The Ministry of Finance has issued a commemorative coin to honour the FIS
Nordic World Championships 2001 in Lahti. The first "Lahti
2001" -commemorative coin was minted on Wednesday, Feb. 7th, at 10.00 am.
Marjo Matikainen-Kallstrom, chairman of the World Championships Organizing
Committee, executed the production of the first unit.

The designer of the commemorative coin is Jarkko Roth. He had inspiration
for his work from the history of skis and from the many skiing runes of the
Finnish National Epic, Kalevala. On the symbolic side of the coin, traces
left by skis form a woman’s figure. On the other side, in addition to the
markings of the coin’s value, there is a design presenting the face of a
woman crowned by hair of ski tips. The woman is the “Nordic Gold” or the
“Gold from the North”, explains the artist, the expression based on Kalevala
texts, “gold” also meaning a sweetheart in the Finnish language.

WSC-Commemorative Coin has a special polish and is made of two metals. Its
diameter is 35 mm and it weighs 20.2 gr. A 100 000-unit edition will be
minted of this coin. The value of the coin is FIM 25.

--Remark WBCC Focal Point: The Bi-metallic 25 Markkaa 2001 was mentioned the
first time in WBCC Newsmail 235, item 4

5. WBCC Encased Bahamas.........by Jack Hepler, USA

A limited number of Bahamas Cents were encased for the 2001 World Money Fair
in Basel. They are now available for WBCC members of the Worldwide
Bi-metallic Collectors Club. To the best of my knowledge, these are the
first coins of the Bahamas that have been encased and they are being offered
to the WBCC membership before offering them to other collectors. The cost to
WBCC members is $5 (Postage outside US $1, Insurance or registration is
extra). Please send your request to Jack Hepler at: heplerj@juno.com. A scan
of the encased Bahamas Cent can be seen on the WBCC Homepage:

6. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game #236...by Jack Hepler, USA

This Asian Republic issued its first Bi-metallic coin to commemorate the
Millennium. Though produced as a legal tender coin, the issue was so limited
that few if any of the coins would ever get into circulation. In the past
few months, there have been numerous indications that some of the political
and ideological differences between this nation and its neighbor may be
solved. What is the name of this country?
a. China
b. Macao
c. Thailand
d. South Korea

Please send your answer to me: mailto:heplerj@junio.com. Next week you can read
the correct answer.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #235.
This South American country produced six different designs of
bi-metallics in three denominations during the years; 1995-1997.  The
main theme of the coin series was to honor three of its national heroes.
The three men so honored are Antonio de Sucre, Isidro Ayora and Eugenio
Espejo: whose names appear on the coins.  What is the name of this
a. Brazil
b. Ecuador
c. Peru
d. Chile
Answer to Question #235 is "b"; Ecuador
Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #234; 100% Correct

7. WBCC Auction Page (WAP).........by Rod Sell, WAP Provider

WBCC  Auction 14 has almost closed. Look for the result at:

WBCC  Auction 15, Closes 10 PM Sydney Time Saturday February 24, 2001
Sydney is 11 Hrs ahead of Greenwich (London) Time.

Please read the WBCC Auction Rules.

Listed are:
* Australia  2000 $10 "The Present", Reserve $45.00
* Royal Australian Mint 1991 Test Tokens. Left token toned. Reserve  $5.00
* Lithuania 1998 2 Litai, Reserve $3.00
* Italy Sassello 1998 1 Euro, Reserve  $4.00
* Poland: 2 Zlote 2000 (The Year 2000) Reserve $ 2.00
* Poland KM215: 20 000 Zlotych 1991 (225 Years Mintage) Reserve $18.00
* Poland 10 Zlotych 2000 (The 1000th anniv. of the convention in Gniezno)
Reserve $ 25.00
* Swiss, 37 mm round Blank of the 2001 Basel 1 Doppelstäbler 2001 Reserve
* Germany, 1995 Medal Beethoven  Reserve $7.00
* Ukraine  5 Hryven.  Reserve $5.00 (Image not of the coin on auction)

WBCC Auction 16 details can now send to Rod Sell at Rod.Sell@elderwyn.com If
possible send a scan of the coin.

8. New Bi- or Tri-metallic images....by Rod Sell, WBCC Homepage Provider

This weeks new pictures in the WBCC Homepage:

* GB 1996 25 Euro Lord Nelson Tri-Metallic
* Gibraltar 2001 1 Crown
* Finland 25 Markkaa 2001
* Czech Republic, medallion of emperor Commodus
* Czech Republic, 50 Korun 2001
* France 2 Euro 1997 from Millau
* France 3 Euro 1997 from Seurre
* France 10 Euro 1998 from Romans
* France 10 Euro 1997 from Beauvais
* WBCC Bahamas encased issued at the Basel Fair
* Singapore 2001 $5
* Slovenia Medal in 2001 Mint set

9. Visting a Coinshow........by Kyle Mutcher, Canada

I'm planning to attend the St. Louis Coin Show, February 16-18 at the St.
Louis Airport Hilton, So if any of the WBCC members are also planning to
attend send me an e-mail with a place and time on Saturday to meet at the
coin show, I'll reply and send my phone number so you can reach me that way
also. e-mail; kmutcher@mb.sympatico.ca

10. Coin World article (1)...............by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Copyright story reprinted by permission of Amos Press Inc. from the february
5, 2001 issue of Coin World, Sidney, OH.

Australia marks century with coins
Commems celebrate centennial of nation's founding

Several commemorative coins were released Jan. 1 to mark the 100th
anniversary of Australia's confederation into a nation.
At the start of 1901, the six British colonies in Australia came together in
federation and the modern Australian nation was born. The significance of
this union is celebrated in a bimetallic gold and silver Proof-like coin.
The coin, designed by Stuart Devlin, features a .999 fine silver ring
bearing the floral emblems of each state and the Northern Territory. The
.9999 fine gold center is shaped as a seven-pointed federation star, which
signifies the individual states becoming one nation.

The federation star represents each of the six states and the combined
territories. The gold star is filled with a bed of golden wattle, the
national floral emblem of Australia behind the national coat of arms.
Mintage is limited to 7,500 coins, each housed in a jarrah and sheoak
presentation case that displays the coin in a star-shaped frame. A
serial-numbered certificate of authenticity accompanies each coin.

Also offered are a newly designed Holey dollar and Dump Proof-like two-coin
set. Holey dollar and Dump coins were first introduced by Gov. Lachian
Macquarie in 1813 using Spanish silver eight real coins with the centers of
each coin punched out to make two circular coins to overcome the scarcity of
British coins at the time. The new coins were also designed by Stuart
Devlin. The Holey dollar features the official badges of each of the six
Australian states and the Northern Territory.

The star-shaped Dump coin features a design of Australia's distinctive
Federal Parliament House building.
The seven-pointed federation star symbolizes each of the six states plus the
combined Commonwealth Territories. Both coins are struck from .999 fine
silver. They are legal tender of Australia with face value of $1 Australian
for the Holey dollar and 25-cents Australian for the Dump coin. A total of
30,000 sets will be issued.
The 2001 Australian Kookaburra 1-ounce Uncirculated silver coin bears a
special, gold, seven-point star insert privy mark. The star represents the
Federation of Australian States and Territories in 1901. Prior to that date,
the states were independent British colonies, each with their own laws. In
order for the federation to be achieved, all states were required to
surrender some of their powers to allow the formation of a new Commonwealth

The federation star, also known as the commonwealth star, first appeared on
Australia's first official coat of arms in 1908 as a gold star on a wreath
of blue and white. The seven-pointed star is also featured on Australia's
flag, on many Australian coins since 1910 and many Australian emblems.
The host coin design depicts two kookaburra birds, perched back-to-back on a
eucalyptus branch. The reverse features Rank-Broadley's portrait of  Queen
Elizabeth II. Kookaburra coins are made from .999 fine silver. A total of
9,000 coins will be struck.

Sets of the 2001 silver centenary Kookaburra, the Holey dollar and Dump
centenary coins plus a 1951 Silver Jubilee florin will also be offered. A
total of 1,000 of these federation star collections will be issued.

For more information about the commemorative coins, visit The Perth Mint's
Web site at http://www.perthmint.com.au/, write to The Perth Mint, c/o Hall
International Inc., 30210 Rancho Viejo Road, Suite C, San Juan Capistrano,
CA 92675, or e-mail georgeh@perthmint.com.

BIMETALLIC coin to celebrate Australia's 2001 federation of confederation
features a gold star-shaped insert surrounded by silver, left. Silver
Kookaburra bullion coin, right, features a special seven-pointed star insert
privy mark to celebrate the centennial.
TWO-COIN set featuring Holey dollar and Dump silver coins celebrates the
confederation of six Australian states plus the Commonwealth Territories.

11. Coin World article (2)...............by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Copyright story reprinted by permission of Amos Press Inc. from the february
5, 2001 issue of Coin World, Sidney, OH.

Perth Mint issues commems
to mark start of millennium
Bimetallic, silver coins feature color elements

Two precious metal coins from The Perth Mint mark the start of the Third

The Gregorian Millennium 2001 bimetallic coin struck in prooflike condition
commemorates the year 2001, the start of the Third Millennium according to
the modern Gregorian calendar.

The coin has a .9999 fine gold border designed as a contemporary watch, to
mark the modern method of time keeping.

The watch hands indicate 8 a.m. in Perth, which is 0.00 Greenwich Mean Time,
when the Third Millennium officially begins. The second hand shows one
second past, to represent the leap seconds that are periodically added to
synchronize today's highly accurate atomic time keeping with the rotation of
the earth.

The central design is made from .999 fine silver and features an observatory
and night sky highlighted in color.
Three depictions of Earth represent the planet's orbit around the sun, which
takes one year.

The coin is Australian legal tender and features the Ian Rank-Broadley
portrait of Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. Each coin has a face value of
$20 Australian.

No more than 7,500 individual Gregorian Millennium 2001 bimetallic coins
will be issued.
The 2001 silver millennium coin features designs from the ancient Egyptians,
the first people to accurately measure the solar year, the basis of the
modern calendar.

The sun and the stars were central to Egyptian culture, and this prooflike
1-ounce silver coin features the sun and Sirius, the Dog Star, rising over a
central image of Cleopatra's Needle, which stood originally in the Temple of
the Sun in ancient Heliopolis. Cleopatra's Needle now stands in Central Park
in New York City. The government of Egypt gave the "needle"  to the United
States in the 19th century.

A modern satellite image of Earth, in color, and a gold insert of the sun
with stylized rays, complete the central design on the reverse of the silver

Winged sun disc designs around the border incorporate the cobra and vulture
goddesses with the Egyptian god Re. The deities around the outside are
holding up the world.

The coin has a monetary denomination of $1 Australian. No more than 30,000
coins will be issued.

BIMETALLIC and silver coins, top to bottom, from The Perth Mint celebrate
the beginning of the Third Millennium. Queen Elizabeth II appears on the
obverses (not shown).

12. Coin World article (3)...............by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Copyright story reprinted by permission of Amos Press Inc. from the february
5, 2001 issue of Coin World, Sidney, OH.

2001 United Kingdom Proof £5
celebrates Victorian centennial

The 2001 United Kingdom Proof set, struck by the British Royal Mint, marks
the centennial of the end of the Victorian era and of the beginning of a
technological revolution with £5 and £2 coins as the centerpieces of the
10-coin collection.

A £5 Victoria anniversary crown commemorates the centennial of the death of
Queen Victoria, while a £2 coin celebrates the first transatlantic wireless
transmission by Marconi, which was achieved at the end of the year of
Victoria's death in 1901.

So much of what made Britain "Great" occurred during the 63-year reign of
Queen Victoria: the zenith of the British Empire "upon which the sun never
set," the development of the railways and of industry, and the introduction
of the world's first postage stamps in 1840 - the penny black and twopenny
blue, which featured William Wyon's famous portrait of Victoria known as
"the Young Head."

It is from this wealth of Britain's history that designer Mary Milner
Dickens has drawn in creating her design for the £5 Victorian anniversary
crown. Her recreation of Wyon's "Young Head" is set within a "V" for
Victoria, also representative of converging railway lines. The dates
1901-2001 are set above the portrait. The backdrop of the reverse design is
an extensive representation of the ironwork of the famed Crystal Palace,
built for the Great Exhibition of 1851, celebrating the achievements of the
industrial revolution.

Toward the end of Queen Victoria's reign, Guglielmo Marconi was hard at work
in his attempts to transmit messages by radio While leading mathematicians
of the time said it couldn't be done, on Dec. 12, 1901, Marconi succeeded in
broadcasting a radio transmission from Poldhu in Cornwall, England, to St.
John's Newfoundland, 1,800 miles away.

The design for the £2 Marconi ringed bimetallic commemorative coin, by Royal
Mint engraver Robert Evans, is in addition to the United Kingdom's
circulating £2 ringed bimetallic coin, designed by Bruce Rushin. Both coins
are included in the 2001 Proof set.

In his design, Evans has depicted radio waves emanating from the left side
of the inner concentric ring of the bicolored coin. Within the originating
circle is the date 2001. Along the lines representing the radio waves, Evans
has incorporated the three dots representing the letter "S" of the Morse
code, which was the signal sent in that first transmission. The edge
inscription also includes the three dots and reads: ... wireless bridges the
atlantic ... marconi 1901.
Collectors in Canada should contact the British Royal Mint, P.O. Box 33518,
Dundurn Postal Outlet, Hamilton, Ontario L8P 4X4. Phone (800) 563-5943. Add
$5.95 postage and handling and 7 percent GST and provincial taxes where
The Mint's Web site is at http://royalmint.com. Address e-mail to

BRITISH ROYAL MINT has released the 2001 United Kingdom Proof set. The set
contains a £5 coin commemorating the centennial of Queen Victoria's death,
center; a £2 coin commemorating the centennial of Marconi's first
trans-Atlantic radio transmission, center right; the regular, circulating £2
coin, center left; and seven other coins.
Prices for 2001 United Kingdom Proof sets
2001 Executive Proof set $115.00 (U.S.) $169.00 (Canadian)
2001 Deluxe Proof set $72.50 (U.S.) $94.50 (Canadian)
2001 Gift Proof set $64.95 (U.S.) $89.95 (Canadian)
2001 Standard Proof set $49.95 (U.S.) $69.95 (Canadian)
2001 Brilliant Uncirculated set $22.50 (U.S.) $29.95 (Canadian)
2001 Wedding Collection $27.50 (U.S.) $37.50 (Canadian)
2001 Baby Gift set $27.50 (U.S.) $37.50 (Canadian)
2001 £5 Victorian anniversary crown presentation folder $16.50 (U.S.) $24.95
2001 £2 Marconi presentation folder $9.95 (U.S.) $13.50 (Canadian

13. Coin World article (4)...............by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Copyright story reprinted by permission of Amos Press Inc. from the february
12, 2001 issue of Coin World, Sidney, OH.

Library of Congress $5 coin
sales barely top 7,000 pieces
2000-S Silver Proof set sales reach 856,400

Sales figures for one of the United States Mint's 2000 commemorative coins
barely topped 7,000 pieces, figures released Jan. 24 show. The Mint has sold
nearly 3 million regular 2000-S Proof sets, and fewer than 1 million each of
its 2000-S Silver Proof sets and State Quarters Proof sets.

The Mint's Office of Public Affairs provided Coin World sales figures
through Jan. 24 for its 2000 collector programs, among them the Proof and
Uncirculated sets, commemorative coinage and Proof American Eagle bullion

Updated sales for the 2000 Library of Congress commemorative coin program
indicate slightly more than half of the maximum authorized mintage of
500,000 silver dollars reported sold and 34.6 percent of the maximum
complement of 100,000 ringed bimetallic platinum and gold $10 eagles.

Sales figures reflect 251,900 of the Library of Congress silver dollars
sold - 198,500 in Proof and 53,400 in Uncirculated. Sales for the $10
eagles - composed of a .900 fine gold ring and .9995 platinum insert -
reached 27,400 of the Proofs and 7,200 of the Uncirculated coins.
THE U.S. MINT sold 7,200 pieces of the Uncirculated version of its 2000-W
Library of Congress ringed bimetallic $10 coin.

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