Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club
Newsmail #256

WBCC Newsmail 256, Volume 6, July 7, 2001
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC

Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

I hope you really enjoy reading this weeks WBCC Newsmail !!

1. My new E-mail Otto Komornik, Israel

Please read my new E-mail address: Otto Komornik (WBCC member #103)
email address

2. Bi-metallic 100 and 200 Escudos Jorge Cunha, Portugal

End this year 2001 the Portugal Mint will issue the BU and Proof Mint set
with the Bi-metallic 100 and 200 Escudos, with usual design depicting Pedro
Nunes and Garcia de Orta

3. Bi-metallic 200 Escudos Fred de Schrevel, Netherlands

The information I have cames from a coin expert who comes severall times a
year in Portugal and is about a very interesting mule of the Portugese
bimetallic 200 Escudos (KM 687 dated 1996) coin. The high jumper has 3
(three) arms is stead of the normal two. For me it is not known how this
mule arised, but it has to be very rare (?), because the price in Portugal
is about US$ 100,00 !!! Unfortunally no picture avaible. Who knows more
this mule?E-mail me.

4. Future Bi-metallic 1 and 2 Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Belgium, Luxembourg and the Netherlands are 3 of the 12 EU countries who
will have the (Bi-metallic) 1 and 2 Euro.
Belgium will strick 195 Million Bi-metallic 1 Euro's dated from 1999 to 2002
and 115 Bi-metallic 2 Euros also dated from 1999 to 2002
Luxembourg (country name Leztebuerg will be on the Bi-metallics) will strick
only 10 Million Bi-metallic 1 Euros and also 10 Million Bi-metallic 2 Euros,
all dated 2002.
The Netherlands will strike the Bi-metallic 1 and 2 Euros dated from 1999 to
2002. The amount struck of the Bi-metallic 1 Euros will be 250 million and
170 Million of the Bi-metallic 2 Euros.

5. Bi-metallic MTT from Manuel Gonzalez, Spain

The following text about Canadian Bi-metallic MTT I received

Alberta's Agriculture Heartland Issues Token Invite to 75th Anniversary
Marwayne, Alberta - The Marwayne & District Chamber of Commerce has just
issued a beautiful Bi-metallic 3-Dollar token that says "come celebrate 75
years, Aug 10, 11, 12, 2001".

Located about 190 kilometres east of Edmonton and less than 30 kilometres
west of the Alberta-Saskatchewan border, Marwayne was first settled in 1903
by three brothers: Harry, William and Fred Marfleet. They had come from
England, part of Reverend Barr's colonists who populated the area. The
brothers were joined the following summer by the rest of the family, younger
brother Teddy, sisters Fan, Floss and Molly, Fan's fiancé Gilbert Nicholson
and mother and father Marfleet of course.

To read the tale of their trek you would think it took place in the 1700s or
1800s but the fact that it was the 20th Century did not make it any easier
on the family. In a 1977 letter, Ena Marfleet, one of the children,
mentions "the pleasure of living in a sod roof shack. It would rain three
days outside, and drip three more inside".

The name of the town comes from the family, the Marfleet from Wainfleet,
Lincolnshire, which, after droping the "fleet" became Marwayne, which was
chosen in 1906 for the post office on the farm.

Then in 1926, the Canadian Pacific put a branch line through from
Lloydminster to Edmonton, and a townsite was laid out within a quarter of a
mile of the original Marfleet Homestead.

The Chamber of Commerce had the following tokens struck:
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bimetallic / 1,850 / $4.75
Commercial Bronze / 50 / $13.50
Nickel-Silver / 50 / $13.50
Gold Plated / 50 / $16.50

6. Bi-metallic medals and Gaming Martin Peeters, Netherlands

This week I discovered a German firm, Gieger, who has his own website: It is only in German language but if you take a look
in first "logo token" and select "Gallerie - logo-Token" you can see
pictures of many Bi-metallic tokens and medals. Geiger is a trader for these
token but the tokens are all struck by the International Mint in Italy

7. Bi-metallic Inlay from Joel Anderson, USA

Beluarus recently released two coins commemorating the 900th anniversary of
the birth of Saint Euphrasinya of Polatsk. One is a non-ringed bimetallic
20 Rubles, the other is a copper-nickel 1 Ruble. The 20 Rubles contains
31.1 grams (1 oz.) of .925 fine silver and has a .999 fine gold overlay. It
is 38.61 mm in diameter and has a mintage of not more than 2000 pieces. It
is struck only in Proof Price is $50.00

The 1 Ruble is struck in copper-nickel and is 32 mm in diameter. It is
struck only in Proof-like and has a mintage of up to 2000 pieces. Price is

St Euphrasinya is the Patron Saint of Belarus. She was a Princess, born in
1101. She was given a good education,. At age 12 (age 16 according to
some sources), much to the dismay of her parents, decided to become a nun
rather than get married. She was quite an influential individual, helping
to keep peace among the regional powers as well as between the rich and
poor in her own community. She gathered a number of talented individuals,
including Polatsk architect Iaan who built the world-renowned Church of the
Saviour, and Lazar Bogsha, a jeweler who made a cross for the church which
is still designated as a Belarusian sacred object.

In her later life she took a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, and died in 1173.
shortly after visiting the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Initially she was
buried in Jerusalem. When the Moslems retook Jerusalem, her remains were
moved to Kiev by Monks in 1187. It was not until 1910 that her remains
were returned to Belarus.

Scan of the Bi-metallic Inlay can be seen in the WBCC Website, New Images

9. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA

The image of Queen Elizabeth II, monarch of the United Kingdom, may be seen
on Bi-metallic coins of more countries than any other person. The latest
design is referred to as the Rank Broadley portrait. How many countries
feature the image of Queen Elizabeth II on modern issue ringed Bi-metallic
a. 4
b. 8
c. 11
d. 13
Please send your answer to me:Jack Hepler. The answer will be
shown in the WBCC Newsmail next week.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #255.
The Bi-metallic 2000 20 Dollar coin of Jamaica features one of the national
heroes. What is this man's name?
a. Alexander Bustamante
b. Christopher Columbus
c. Marcus Garvey
d. Norman Manley
Answer to Question #255 is "c", Marcus Garvey.
Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #254; 100% correct. Eleven

9. Bi-metalliuc 50 Korun and the Czech Bridge, Prague…by Jack Hepler, USA

The newly constituted Czech Republic issued its first Bi-metallic coins in
1993. The 50 Korun of that series is a Bi-metallic coin and was voted by the
WBCC as one of the most beautiful of modern circulating Bi-metallics.
Featured on this unusual coin is the Prague city skyline with the Charles
bridge in the foreground. The Charles bridge was built in 1357 under the
direction of Charles IV at the sight of an earlier bridge, the Judith bridge
which had burned in 1342. The bridge was designed by a 27-year-old
architect named Peter Parler. Today the bridge is still in use. Every
Sunday, vendors, selling woodwork, jewelry, and paintings, line the bridge,
sharing space with musicians, puppeteers and even trained dogs.

10. Bi-metallics Joel Anderson, USA

The following Bi-metallic are available now:

* 1 Peso K603 2000, 2001 Bimetal Unc 1.00
* 5 Pesos K605 2001 Bimetal Unc 4.00
San Marino
* 1000 Lire NEW 2001 Bimetal Unc 4.00
Silver Strikes Bi-metallic Casino tokens
* $10 CIRCUS CIRCUS, RENO clown/high flyers club 18.00
* $10 EDGEWATER, LAUGHLIN family of deer 18.00
* $10 EL DORADO, RENO 1999/2000 Millennium 16.00
* $10 FITZGERALD's RENO leprechaun/2000 Millennium 16.00
* $10 HAROLDS CLUB, RENO Dick Clark's American Bandstand Club at Harolds
Club 18.00
* $10 HARRAH'S LAS VEGAS Party favors 18.00
* $40 HARRAH'S LAS VEGAS Sax player 59.00
* $40 HARRAH'S LAS VEGAS Construction Zone 55.00
* $10 HARVEY'S LAKE TAHOE Bill Cosby 1998 18.00
* $10 HARVEY'S LAKE TAHOE Party at Harvey's 16.00
* $10 HARVEY'S LAKE TAHOE Lake Tahoe 14.00
* $10 PIONEER, LAUGHLIN Wild Bill Hickock 16.00
* $10 PIONEER, LAUGHLIN old building 16.00
* $10 RAILROAD PASS HOTEL & CASINO, HENDERSON old steam engine 18.00
* $10 SAM'S TOWN, LAS VAGAS Sam Boyd/Pony Express 20.00
* $10 WHISKEY PETE'S, JEAN Bonnie & Clude18.00
E-mail: joelscoins

"See you" next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club
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