Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club
Newsmail #276

WBCC Newsmail 276, Volume 6, November 25, 2001 --------------------------------------------------------------------
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC

Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

I hope you really enjoy reading this weeks WBCC Newsmail !!

1. New WBCC Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

We have 2 new WBCC member. Let me introduce them to you:

Name: Luis Pereira (WBCC member #230), Portugal
Age: 38
Profession: Computer technician
Hobby: Circulating Bi- and/or Tri-metalic Word Coins
Goal: Collect and swap the most beatifful coins
How did I know about the WBCC: By surfing the NET

Name: Iorio Fabio (WBCC member #231), Italy
Age: 25
Profession: Professional Accountant
Hobby: I collect world coins and Bi-metallic coins from 1800 AD to 2001 AD
Goal: family ...and to complete my collection
How did I know about the WBCC: Web site of your member Joel Anderson and
information from Italian Professional Numismatics.

2. Bi-metallic coins of Belgium…by Jack Hepler, USA

On New Year´s Day 2002, Belgium will, like the other 11 members of the
European Economic Community, start using Euro currency and Euro coins for
day-to-day commercial transactions. Within a few months, the old coins and
banknotes in Francs/Franks will be withdrawn. The Bi-metallic one Euro and
two Euro coins will be the first to be issued and used in Belgium. The
national designs on the Belgian Bi-metallic coins represent elements of
their national coins currently in circulation. A national panel made up of
leading Belgian officials, artists and experts in numismatics chose the
motif used on all the coins. It depicts King Albert II and a monogram, a
capital "A" underneath a crown, among 12 stars, symbolizing the European
nations that have elected to participate in the Euro project. The year of
issue is part of the design, along with the year the coin was struck. Jan
Alfons Keustermans, Director of the Municipal Academy of Fine Arts of
Turnhout, designed the Belgian Euro coins.

3. Bi-metallic Euros from Martin Peeters, Netherlands

>From WBCC member Gerhard Schon, I received pictures of the future 2002
Bi-metallic 1 and 2 Euro of Monaco. The B-metallic 2 Euro features the
portrait of Prince Rainier III, while the Bi-metallic 1 Euro coin
incorporates the conjoined heads of Rainier III and hereditary prince
Albert. Pictures can be seen at: New Images

4. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA

In 1999, one country issued a Bi-metallic coin that features the Euro.
The coin shows paper money in all seven denominations. The coin also
shows the word for Euro in both the western alphabet of the Economic
Union and the Greek alphabet. Which country issued this coin?
a. Austria
b. Belgium
c. Greece
d. Italy
Please send your answer to me: Jack Hepler Next week I will
be on vacation so you may read the correct answer when I return.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #275.
Andorra has issued seven Bi-metallic coins but not for circulation and in
fact, not even the official currency of the country. What is the
official currency of Andorra?
a. French Franc
b. German Mark
c. Italian Lire
d. Spanish Peseta
Answer to Question #275 is "a" and “d”. Both France and Spain share the
administration of Andorra. The French Franc and the Spanish Peseta are
both considered official currencies of Andorra.
Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #274; 88.9% correct. Nine
players. You may be able to see the answer to many future questions in
earlier Newsmail issues.

5. WBCC Auction 38 is almost Rod Sell, WBCC Auction Provider

I am still accepting lots for Auction 38 which will start on the 1st
December. Please check you spares and submit them in the auction. Please
email the details to me: Rod Sell

6. New Bi- or Tri-metallic Rod Sell, Australia

The new Bi-metallic images shown at: New Images

New listed are:
* Monaco 1 & 2 Euro coins
* France 1848 Medal
* Germany Europa Medal
* Cottini college, 2 Euro
* Rozzano city, 1 Euro

7. Bi-metallic Fabio Guerrieri, Italy

I can offer the following B-metallic tokens and medal:
* Rozzano city, 1 Euro with 50 cent in folder 9.00$
* Cottini college, 2 Euro with 2 and 20 cent in folder 8.00$
* Twin Towers 1 Oz 60.00$
If you are interested, you can contact me here

"See you" next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club
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The Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC)
was established September 14, 1996 and is the very first Worldwide
Collectors Club using the Internet. Goal of the WBCC is exchange
Bi-metallics and exchange knowledge about Bi-metallics
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WBCC Developement Centre: Jack Hepler, USA.
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