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WBCC Newsmail 283, Volume 7, January 12, 2002 --------------------------------------------------------------------
Composed with help from members of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC), and weekly published by Martin Peeters, Netherlands, Focal Point of the WBCC

Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

I hope you really enjoy reading this weeks WBCC Newsmail !!

1. WBCC Bi-metallic engraving Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

A new year, a new WBCC Bi-metallic project. I start with a new WBCC Bi-metallic Engraving project. Each (and ONLY) WBCC member can have his own Bi-metallic (Red copper ring and nickel center) engraved. The combination of the metals is used by the Dutch Mint and now I can obtain these blanks. A sample engraving could be:
  Martin Peeters
  WBCC Member # 1
The cost for 1 blank is $1, and engraving each letter costs $0.50. So with the example it would be about $1 + 25X$0.50 = $13.50. Also possible instead engraving your name, you may want to use initials; M.P. WBCC #1. This would cost $6 (1+10X$0.50). Please notice that postage costs are not included.
Please look for an expample in: New Images or Bi-Metallic Products. So If you have interest in your own WBCC Engraved Bi-metallic coin, Email me: Martin Peeters.

2. Bi-metallic Euro service by the Martin Peeters and Frans Dubois

Several WBCC members made requests to send Bi-metallic Euros to them. As a service of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club to all WBCC members we try to compose complete sets of all Bi-metallic 1 and 2 Euro of each country. We ask WBCC members who want to have a complete set (ONLY Bi-metallics) to send us a E-mail message to: Martin Peeters or Frans Dubois.

Please notice:
* You have to have patience before we have many complete sets of all Bi-metallic Euros. We will go to the World Money Fair in Basel on February 1st. We think we can get a lot of Bi-metallics there.
* The costs of 1 set per country Bi-metallic 1 Euro and 2 Euro (the available euro's) will be US. $ 3,-
* The sets will be send by registrated post only.
If you are interested please send a reaction to Martin Peetersor Frans Dubois.

3. New WBCC Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

We have 2 new WBCC member. Let me introduce them to you:

Name: Luciano De Castris 9WBCC member #237), Italy
Age: 44
Profession: medical informer
Hobby: European Coins especially Bi- and/or Tri-metallics and Bi- and/or Tri-metallic especially Ecu and Euro coins
How did I know about the WBCC: internet

Name: Fabrizio Pivari (WBCC member #238), Italy
Age: 37
Profession: employee
Hobby: holed Bi-metallic and Tri-metallic
Goal: finish XX century holed coin collection
How did I know about the WBCC: Swapping with WBCC members

4. New E-mail Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

Please read my new E-mail address: Gylfi Snorrason (WBCC member #185)

5. World Money Fair Basel Pre-report (2).by Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

As mentioned last week now the second Re-report of the World Money Fair in Basel, from Feb 1 to 3. The World Money Fair in Basel is the largest in its kind. Did you know 30 Minthouses of 5 continents will be there. About 200 international dealers from all over the World wll be present. Several coinpapers, like World Coin News (KM), Muenzen-Revue have their own booth. The WMF organisation has its own hompage there is much to read.

Please notice: The weekend I'm at the Basel event, Cliff Anderson (WBCC Public Relations) will compose WBCC Newsmail 286. In next weeks WBCC Newsmail, you can read the third Pre-report of the World Money Fair. At last I invite all WBCC members in Europe (and outside Europe) to visit the WBCC botth and shake hands and ofcourse talk about Bi-metallics !!

6. Bi-metallic 2 Pounds from the Manuel Gonzalez, Spain

This week I got information about new 4 Bi-metallic 2 Pound from England to commemorate the Commonwealth Games (England, Scotland, North Ireland and Wales). The price of pack is 14.95 Pound and will be issued end of January or February. I donīt know if the image is the common reverse. I donīt know more details. One picture can be seen in: New Images

7. Bi-metallic 2 Dollar from Kyle Mutcher, Canada

There might be a special Bi-metallic $2 coin for Canada this year, for Queen Elizabeth's 50th aniversary on the throne. The mint folks in Winnipeg had said there will be a circulating Commemorative for the aniversary and speculation is that the $2 will be the coin used. All Canadian coins will have the dates 1952-2002 on the obverse.

8. Bi-metallic Italian error 1 Euro on 2 Euro Wolfgang Schuster

The austrian press agency mentions in a report that besides the already known error Italian 1 cent on 2 cents planchet strikes, also Italian 1 Euro strikes on 2 euro planchets exist, as a mint employee has tried to smuggle some out of the mint in his belt.

9. Bi-metallic 2 Euro Austria Edge Paul Baker, UK

In my item 6 in last week's Newsmail I mentioned the "Euro Report" page on the website at: A.C. Coins & Banknotes . The Euro Report page now has a link to an "Edge Inscriptions" page. This page is all about the edges to be seen on the 2 Euro coins. One rather interesting edge variety appears on this page. Images show a normal Austrian 2 Euro coin and its normal inscription (on milled edge) of "2 EURO * * * " 4 times and an image (from the same angle) of a piece with an error edge where the inscription on the milled edge is "2 * * " 6 times. Will we ever find out how many of these exist ? We wait and see.

10. Bi-metallic Euros from Jack Hepler, USA

Germany chose to produce a series of Euro coins illustrating the Eichenzweig or oak, the Brandenburg gate and the traditional symbol of German sovereighnty, the eagle. The eagle appears only on the Bi-metallic one and two Euro coins. The eagle motif was designed by Heinz and Sneschana Russewa-Hoyer. The design selection was made by a panel of high-ranking German officials and experts in numismatics. None of these coins carry the words Germany or Deutschland. Germany will be producing these coins at all five mints which are distinguished by the mintmarks, A (Berlin), D (Munich), F (Stuttgart), G (Karlsruhe), J Hamburg).

11. Bi-metallic 2 Euro from the Netherlands error? Martin Peeters

In circulation I found a Bi-metallic 2 Euro dated 1999 from the Netherlands where the last 2 nines of the date are very hard to see. It looks there was some dirt or oil left in the die while striking. For a picture of this Bi-metallic look in: New Images

12. Bi-metallic 5 Hryvnias 2001 of Michael Ayrapetov, USA

Refering to WBCC Newsmail 282 item 4 about the Bi-metallic 5 Hryvnias 2001 of Ukraine, the legends are:
"Ukrayna, 5 Griven" (Ukraine, 5 Hryven)
"Zbroyni Sili Ukrayni, 10 Rokiv" (Armed forces of Ukraine, 10 years).

13. Bi-metallic 5 Maloti from Martin Peeters, Netherlands

Refering to WBCC Newsmail 282 item 5, about the Bi-metallic 5 Maloti 1995 from Lesotho I know a Belgium dealer were it is available, address:
Munthandel Huis Albert
Jezusstraat 7
2000 Antwerpen

14. Bi-metallic from Damhanur (Italy) Massimiliano Aiello, Italy

Found on Website of Damanhur the following information: I want to inform you and all the WBCC about a bimetallic coin from a little federation in Italy named Damanhur. The coin is a 20 Crediti and it is dated 1999 (1 Credito = 1 Euro).

Damanhur is one Federation of Community and Regions based on the practical application of one spiritual philosophy. It is found in Valchiusella, prealpine valley between beautifulst of the Piemonte, to the borders with the Park of the Great Paradise, to 10 Km from Ivrea and 45 Km from Turin. It was constituted in 1977, with one adapted political and social organization in the course of the years.

According to Damanhurian philosophy, money is an important instrument they have to learn how to use correctly in order to turn their dreams into reality. Money is neither good nor bad: it is the goal it is used for that makes the difference.

In this historical period, without money they could not survive, and consequently, they could not spread new ideas, dreams and hopes for a different future for Humankind.

When Damanhur was born, in 1977, they felt the the strong need to reconsider the value of money, in order to overcome both excessive individual egoism, and the idea that spirituality means poverty. The concrete result of this meditation is Damanhur's own currency: the Credit. In these last 20 years, they have minted several coins and banknotes, in silver, clay, paper parchment. The style and the designs have changed in time, mirroring the evolution of Damanhurian arts.

The use of the Credit is regulated and managed by Associazione Damanhur (Damanhur Association). Picture of Bi-metallic can be seen in the WBCC Website: New Images

15. Bi-metallic MTT's from Canada (1) Manuel Gonzalez, Spain

I send you information about a new Bi-metallic MTT from Canada.

Hockey Team Honored On 5$ Token
FORT McMURRAY, ALBERTA - The Northern Alberta Athletic Association (NAAA) issued a 2001 5-Dollar token to commemorate the 20th Anniversary of the Fort McMurray Oil Barons, Junior A hockey team. The 35-millimetre token could be exchanged at NAAA merchants until December 31, 2001.

The obverse of the token shows the Oil Barons' flash which features a large "20" with the Alberta Junior Hockey League's (AJHL) logo in the centre of the "0" with YEARS / OF OIL BARONS / HOCKEY below in three lines. Above it, along the edge, the legend reads: OIL BARONS JUNIOR "A" HOCKEY CLUB and $5 REDEEM AT NAAA EXPIRES DEC 31 2001below. The reverse side shows the years "1981-2001" above and below the Oil Barons' logo. Around the edge the legend reads: FORT MCMURRAY OIL BARONS, and their accomplishments, 1996-1997 AJHL CHAMPIONS 1999-2000 AJHL, DOYLE CUP & ROYAL BANK CUP CHAMPIONS.

The Oil Barons were founded in 1981 by Ches Dicks, Bill Wong and Steve Blumenschein and have provided the city of Fort McMurray with exciting Junior "A" hockey action ever since. There are currently fifteen teams in the Alberta tier II league.

In the 1996-97 season, the Oil Barons won the AJHL championship. Then in 1999-2000, they won the championship again, now called the Doyle Cup and hosted and won the National Junior "A" Championship Title, the Royal Bank Cup formerly the Centennial Cup.

The City of Fort McMurray is located 452 kilometres north of Edmonton in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo. It currently supplies approximately one third of Canada's crude oil supply. This area of Alberta contains one of the largest deposits of Tarsand in the world, covering many thousands of hectares. The oil is produced from the earth by conventional mining methods and processed by unique methods of extraction and refining. The token was struck in the following metals:
Metal / Mintage / Price Bi-metallic / 800 / $10.50
Bronze / 160 / 13.00
Gold Plated / 140 / $15.25

Bonavita has a limited supply of this merchant token.

16. Bi-metallic MTT's from Canada (2) Manuel Gonzalez, Spain

I send you information about a new Bi-metallic MTT from Canada.

2000 Token Struck For Anniversary
CAMBRIDGE, ONTARIO - On December 3, 2001, the firm of P. J. Wiedemann & Associates, Cambridge, Ontario, celebrated its 10th anniversary by commissioning and issuing its second trade token, the Wiedemann "Mega-Toonie". a 38mm diameter bimetallic dual denomination token bearing both a $2000 and a 10% value. Designed by Eligi Consultants Inc., it was produced to Wiedemann's specifications and incorporates this firm's logo design of a circa 1890's microscope.

The Wiedemann Group operates as a privately owned metals testing laboratory and are metallurgical consultants specializing in failure analysis, second opinion and resolving metallurgical issues and disputes primarily for industry. Their expertise is in the metalworking, heat treatment and finishing of ferrous metals.

The first Mega-Toonie (term coined by Wiedemann), is the first $2000 token and the highest denomination token to be issued to date. "The $2000 denomination was selected to celebrate the year 2001 being the first year of the New Millennium since there are 1000 years in each millennium and Christian era dating commences with AD 1, not AD zero" said Wiedemann. "The token's alternate denomination, the 10% value, was selected to commemorate the company's 10th anniversary.

Aside from a total of four reference bimetallic token samples authorized by Wiedemann for retention by Eligi and the mint, total production for Wiedemann was limited to 160 tokens for use by the company. Of these, five are gold-plated, five are nickel-silver and the remaining 150 are bimetallic.

Intended distribution of these tokens was reported to be as follows: four of five sets comprising of a gold plated, a nickel-silver and a bimetallic token were for presentation to the firm's four employees who have been with it from its inception, while the fifth set is in the company's archives along with the retired coining dies that were used to make them. No further strikes are planned.

The remaining bimetallics are intended for distribution to select Wiedemann clients on a one-per client company basis to be accompanied with a company seal-embossed copy of their Form #81418 that is registered in the recipient's name and by serial number. For control purposes, each token is also being engraved with the recipient's name and its assigned serial number. The form describes the significance of the token issue and the terms and conditions for its use. --Unquote

17. Encased coins from the Michael Ayrapetov, USA

In you look into the New Images section you can see an Encased 25 cents from the US. Lengends on the ring: "Merry Christmas. Happy Holidays. Commemorating the 50 states." It is one of a serie of 15 encased U.S. Quarters (From Delaware to Kentucky). These Encased coins are available from:
B. Binsfeld Coins/Tokens
7543 22nd Ave.
Kenosha, WI 53143
Phone: 262-654-6272

Issued by Brad Binsfeld, Kenosha, Wisconsin, and WIlliam Spencer, Racine, Wisconsin. Encasement made by Hi Tech Graphics, Kewaunee, Wisconsin.

18. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA

There was a controversy over the use of nickel in the Bi-metallic one and two Euro coins. In a vast majority of member countries, nickel is widely used in alloys used to produce coins; about 75% of all coins currently circulating in the European Union contain nickel. The smaller denominations of Euro coins have completely eliminated nickel. The member countries agreed that in the 1 and 2 Euro coins nickel may be used. What was the nature of the controversy?
a. Shortage of raw materials.
b. Health risk.
c. High cost of production.
d. Religious objections.
Please send your answer to me: Jack Hepler.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #282.
A tree, drawn by artist Joaquim Jiminez, appears on these Bi-metallic coins, symbolizing life, continuity and growth. It is contained in a hexagon and is surrounded by the motto of the Republic. This is the design of the Euros of which country?
a. France
b. Germany
c. Luxembourg
d. Belgium
Answer to Question #282 is "a" France. See Newsmail #277. Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #281; 75% correct. Four players. (See Newsmail #276) You may be able to see the answer to many questions in earlier Newsmail issues.

19. WBCC Auction 39 last Rod Sell, WBCC Auction Provider

Auction 39 is now in it's last day. Lots can be viewed at: Auction 39

I am now accepting lots for Auction 40 which will open with WBCC Newsmail 286 on the 2nd February. Please email me any lots you would like to list.

20. New Bi- or Tri-metallic Rod Sell, Australia

The new Bi-metallic images shown at: New Images
New listed are:
* WBCC Engraved bi-metallic 2002 Project
* Italy, Damanhur 20 crediti 1999
* USA encased Rhode Island quarter
* Netherlands 1999 2 Euro missing part of date
* UK 2 Pound Commonwealth Games 2002

21. Bi-metallic Euro Apostolidis Christos, Greece

You can order euro or other coins from A.C. Coins & Banknotes and save 10% or more. Normal price for 1 set of Greek euro coins (1 cent to 2 euro) is EUR5.99 plus EUR3.- for simple airmail TOTAL of EUR8.99 . A discounted price for WBCC members is offerd and you can can order 1 set for EUR8.- postage paid and each additional Greek set for EUR5.- You also get 10% discount for all coin orders from this site. (Offer is not valid for banknotes) Your discount code is "WBCCDISC"
Apostolidis Christos
ANA#R-198360, WINS#75
e-bay ID : apostolidis
Tel: 0932-453-461
A.C. Coins & Banknotes

"See you" next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club

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