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Newsmail #323


WBCC Newsmail 323, Volume 7, October 19, 2002 --------------------------------------------------------------------
Composed with help from members of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC), and weekly published by , Netherlands, Focal Point of the WBCC
Assisted this week by Jack Hepler, USA

Dear WBCC Members and Non WBCC Members,

I really hope you enjoy reading this weeks WBCC Newsmail !!

1. My New E-mail Address ... by Brian Silsbee, USA

Please read my new E-mail address: Brian Silsbee (WBCC Member #128) USA, (No Longer Provided Online)

2. WBCC Provider Change ... by Rod Sell, Australia

We are in the process of changing our service provider. Over the next week you will start reading the files from a new service provider. If all goes well, you will not notice any difference.

If you do find any problems with images or links please let JD and myself know. Please supply as much information as possible so we can correct the problem. Our new service supplier uses UNIX which is case sensitive. All links have been converted to lower case, but some CAPITALS may have slipped through.

3. WBCC And Sponsorship ... by Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

This week I received a message from Schuler Pressen in Germany, that they will sponsor the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC) to attend to next year World Money Fair 2003 in Basel, Zwitserland Since 1984, Schuler has delivered nearly 60 bi-metal presses to more than 20 countries all over the world, giving WBCC members an abundance of Bi-metallic coins to collect.

4. Bi-metallic Sagittarius Medal ... by Jose Luis Ramirez, Spain

I have bought in Ebay a Bi-metallic inlay Sagittarius medal, now I have two similar medals: Taurus and Sagittarius. The inlay Bi-metallic medal have a diameter of 40 mm. The reverse have and silver metal insert with the zodiac symbol. The main metal maybe is bronze. I don't know what country issued this medal, for the text in both sides of the coin I think that was issued of Germany.
Obverse text: Dein Talisman, that means Your Talisman
Reverse text: Trage mich stets bei dir und verliere mich nicht, thats means: Keep me all the time with you and don't lose me.
A picture of this inlay Bi-metallic can be seen at: New Images.

5. Two Dutch Bi-metallic 1 Euro Variations ... by Cliff Anderson, USA

Pictured in this week's "New Images" is a comparison of two variations of the Dutch Bi-metallic one euro coin.

The smallest one on top is what appears in the 2002 Dutch Mini Coin Set from the Dutch Mint. It is 11.5 mm, and though it is part of the fantasy collection, it is a real Bi-metallic piece struck with the same precision as the rest of the Dutch Mint products.

The middle one is of course the authentic 22.5 mm coin. And the third, bottom, piece is 37.5 mm item ade of milk chocolate, but covered with aluminum foil that has been well executed with all the appropriate details and coloring of the original. But there is one exception. The chocolate piece has dentils all arond the edge between the stars and the edge itself.

The label shows that the chocolate pieces were made by Balmer, and the label reads: Made in Holland for R. M. Palmer Co. I cannot recall where I got the little packet of chocolate coins, but it was not in a coin store.

6. Bi-metallic in Ebay ... by Martin Peeters, Netherlands

The following special Bi-metallics one can bid in Ebay:
* Bi-Metal Encased Sil.Quar.1950's Dicalite NR
* BIG bimetallic CHIP MIAMI BEACH no euro test
* bimetallic CHIP zodiac FISCHE no euro test
* bim. coin test probe euro BORGATA PARADISO

7. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game #323 ... by Jack Hepler, USA

He was a Prime Minister and a Foreign Minister. The Spanish and the Americans imprisoned him. He had degrees in law and the arts but died in poverty in 1903. His name is Apolinario Mabini and is featured on a Bi-metallic coin of which country?
a. Italy.
b. Philippines.
c. Cuba.
d. Greece.
Please send your answer to me: Jack Hepler. Note: See this coin and many others by visiting the WBCC website.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #322. Argentina issued a Bi-metallic One Peso honoring a national political and military hero. This hero rose to the rank of General but was assassinated by a political rival in 1870. Who was this Argentine hero?
a. San Martin
b. Juan Manuel Ortiz de Rosas
c. Justo Urquiza
d. Leon Ortiz de Rosas
Answer to Question #321 is "c".
Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #321: 80% correct, five players.

8. New Bi- or Tri-metallic Images ... by Rod Sell, Australia

The new Bi and Tri-metallic images shown at: New Images. Newly listed is:
* 3 Euros
* German Sagitarius Medal

"See you" next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club

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