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WBCC Newsmail 348, Volume 8, April 12, 2003 --------------------------------------------------------------------
Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC),
and weekly published by: Martin Peeters,
Netherlands, Focal Point of the WBCC

Dear WBCC Members and Non WBCC Members,

Come into the World Of Bi-metallics. I really hope you enjoy reading this weeks WBCC Newsmail !!

1. Bi-metallic from Michael Ayrapetov, USA

According to Svetlana Sinanyan, webmaster of the Central Bank of Armenia, on April 1, 2003 the CBA issued Bi-metallic circulation coin 500 Dram. The obverse of the coin depicts the Coat of Arms and have a legend "The Central Bank of Republic of Armenia 2003". The reverse have a denomination "500 Dram". The diameter of the coin is 22 mm, weight - 5 gram, edge has a plain and milled sections. The Ring is made from Copper Alloy, and the Center is made from Copper-Nickel. The artist of the coin is Karapet Abramyan. A picture can be seen in the WBCC New Images section.

2. Bi-metallic MTT's from Serge Pelletier, Canada

Below a discription of new Bi-metallic MTT's from Canada:
a. Getaway To The Northwest ”Celebrated 50th Anniversary with token issue Telkwa, BC, The Village of Telkwa issued a 2002 3-Dollar token to commemorate the 50th Anniversary of its incorporation. The 32-millimetre token was redeemable by the Village until November 2002. Nestled on the banks of the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers along the Yellowhead Highway 16 route to Alaska, Telkwa is home to 1,400 residents. Although there is some debate as to the origin of the name, it is commonly accepted that Telkwa is a native term meaning the “meeting of the waters” and describes the picturesque joining of the Bulkley and Telkwa Rivers in the heart of the town.

The history of Telkwa has followed the ups and downs of the region as it lived through Gold Rush and the arrival of the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway. Aldermere was the first townsite in the area, established on the bluffs above Telkwa’s present site. It was a central stopping spot for travellers and prospectors following the Telegraph Trail and the call of the Gold Rush. As the Grand Trunk Pacific Railway began construction on the western section of their railway in 1907, many businesses and settlers began to move down the hill to the present site of Telkwa to be closer to the anticipated railway and an easier water supply.

The Village of Telkwa was incorporated in 1902. The token was struck in four metals and was such a success with the local population and visitors alike that a second strike had to be quickly ordered. To differentiate that strike, two water lines were added to the right of the lower right leg of the fisherman on the obverse.
First Strike
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 1,150 / $4.75
Second Strike
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 1,150 / $4.75
Bonavita has a limited supply of these tokens.

b. Great Succes Forces Northwest Ontario Towns To Second Strike Nepean, ON, “Two Northern Ontario towns have had such great successes with their municipal trade token programs that they have gone to second strikes” reported Serge Pelletier, President of Eligi Consultants Inc., the producer of the tokens.

Fort Frances, who, last year, issued a 3-Dollar token to commemorate their centennial this year (cf. e-XONUMIA Vol. 2 No. 19), quickly sold out their 250 collector sets and asked Eligi to produce another 250 with an additional 100 bimetallic pieces. “We are always happy when customers come back for a second strike” said Pelletier, “but, having the interest of the collector also at heart, we always recommend that a mark be added to the token so that they can be identified as a second strike”. In this case, a dot was added on both sides of the denomination on the obverse.

“Second strikes sometimes create an interesting dynamic” said Ray Desjardins, President of Bonavita Ltd., “as it is sometimes difficult to determine which piece, the first or second strike will be the scarcest, more valuable one. Usually the smaller the mintage the scarcer the piece but local interest and enthusiasm can change the whole thing. Luckily for our Subscribers, we always secure sufficient pieces of all the strikes to meet their needs, others may not have that chance!” Both Fort Frances strikes are available from Bonavita at the following prices:
First Strike
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 350 / $4.75
Second Strike
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 350 / $5.25

The other municipality which has had unprecendented success is the Township of Hornepayne who, also late last year, issued 3-Dollar and 5-Dollar tokens to commemorate their 75th anniversary this year (cf. e-XONUMIA Vol. 2 No. 20). Like Fort Frances, they sold out of their 100 3-Dollar collector sets and the 75 of each of the 5-Dollar collector pieces in no time. “This was completely unexpected” said Pelletier, “the program size we proposed to their Anniversary Committee is usually quite sufficient for a municipality of their size”.

When questioned about the success, Gail Jaremy, the Program Coordinator, explained “People in Hornepayne are extremely proud of their heritage, even after they have left to work and have families elsewhere, they always come back to show off their hometown. This coupled with the great designs proposed by Eligi resulted in the resounding success of our program”. “The 5-Dollar token is a knockout” said Desjardins, “locomotives and trains are always very popular with collectors, but the rectangular shape allows the locomotive to take the majority of the space.”

The mark for the second strike is somewhat poetic: a mosquito located between the rail and the pine tree, below the circle in which the dates are written. Another 300 3-Dollar collector sets and 50 bimetallic pieces were produced as well as 100 antique brass 5-Dollar pieces and 150 of each of the nickel-silver and commercial bronze pieces. Bonavita has the following pieces available:
3-Dollar, First Strike
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 2,600 / $4.75
3-Dollar, Second Strike
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 350 / $5.25

c. Labrador Town Celebrates Anniversay With Token Issue Rigolet, NF & Labrador, Located some 160 kilometres northeast of Goose Bay on the coast of southeastern Labrador, Rigolet was the smallest municipality to issue a 2002 dated municipal trade token – its population is only 320.

Designed by Tracy Brentnell, of Rigolet, the 32-millimetre token features on its obverse the town’s 25th anniversary logo which is a large “25” in a wreath. VALID AT PARTICIPATING/MERCHANTS UNTIL/DEC. 31, 2002 is below. The legend on the ring reads: $3/RIGOLET LABRADOR, NF./$3/CELEBRATING 25 YRS OF INCORPORATION.

The reverse features ptarmigans in the centre with the year 2002 in exergue. The legend on the ring reads: TOWN OF RIGOLET/COME HOME YEAR. The token was struck in the following metals:
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 450 / $4.75

d. West Coast Wonderland issued Token To Commemorate 50th Anniversay Zeballos, BC, With a population of 272, one would think a village would not have much to boast about. Well, think again. Zeballos can boast that it is the “West Coast Wonderland” as well as it once had its roads truly paved with gold!

Located north of Campbell River on highway 19 on the west coast of Vancouver Island some 500 kilometres from Victoria, Zeballos’ history dates back to the 1700’s when it was visited by Spanish gold-seekers, one of whom was Lieutenant Ciriaco Cevallos, after whom it was named. It was re-established as a mining town in the 1920’s “when its elusive veins proved as rich as the locals’ imagination”.

The veins were so rich that the roads were truly paved with gold. As a matter of fact, the nearby gold mine actually had the roads surfaces scrapped at one time. The tailings were run through new equipment and residual gold was removed. More than $13 million worth of gold was produced between 1938 and 1943.

Today, Zeballos is a logging community and a wonderful destination with nature lovers. Visitors can see Canada’s only sea otters, visit Little Hustan Cave Regional Park – a speleologist’s paradise, go fishing, go explore nearby Nootka and Kyuquot Sounds or the fjords and waterways around Nootka Island.

A 32-millimetre 5-Dollar token was struck to commemorate the 50th anniversary of incorporation of the village in 2002. The obverse features a prospector panning for gold flanked on either side by the dates 1952 and 2002. The legend reads: VILLAGE OF ZEBALLOS /VALID AT PARTICIPATING MERCHANTS UNTIL DECEMBER 31, 2002. The reverse show a bear design done by one of the local aboriginal artists. The legend reads: $5 / ZEBALLOS B.C. / $5 / ON VANCOUVER ISLAND’S SCENIC WEST COAST. The token was struck in the following metals:
Metal / Mintage / Price
Bi-metallic / 895 / $8.00

3. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA

Charles-Louis de Secondat (1689-1755) was a French writer and publicist. He was born near Bordeaux. Study was his passion but writing was his living and he published items that satirized the French government and criticized the Catholic Church. His studies took him to Hungary, Austria, Italy and England. From these travels and studies he formulated a governmental philosophy that favored a three branch system of executive, legislative, and judicial powers which later became the pattern for democratic governments around the world. Charles de Secondat was honored on a French Bi-metallic coin. He is known by what other name?
a. Pessac
b. Voltaire
c. Dolt
d. Montesquieu
Please send your answer to me: Jack Hepler. Note: See this coin and many others by visiting the WBCC website.

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #347 Don Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla (1753-1811) sounded the cry for independance from Spanish dominance on September 16, 1810. That date is remembered in Mexico as Independence Day even though actual independence was not fully achieved until 1821. Hidalgo was liberal but he was also practical, giving help to the citizens of his small town of Dolores. He built a pottery shop, blacksmith stable, carpentry shop, a tannery and a loom for making cloth. Miguel Hidalgo is honored on the Bi-metallic, silver-centered, 20 New Pesos of Mexico. What was Hidalgo's profession?
a. Politician
b. Physician
c. Priest
d. Poet
Answer to Question #347 is "c" Priest
Summary of answers to Quiz Game Question #346: 100% correct, 19 Players.

4. WBCC Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA

The special prize to be awarded to a member who correctly answers the WBCC Quiz Game this week will be a Bi-metallic $5 of Zimbabwe (circulated). If more than one member gets the question right, a random drawing will be conducted to select a winner. The winner of the Bi-metallic blank (WBCC Newsmail #346) is Eelco Soeteman, WBCC member #294.

5. WBCC Certificate still Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

WBCC Membership Certificate. Still, the official WBCC "Certificate of membership" for each WBCC member. The certificate is printed on white paper, 210 x 299 mm, and it will be laminated. It is available to members for US5$ including postage cost. If you are interested in your own WBCC membership certificate, please E-mail: Martin Peeters

6. WBCC Auction 54 last Rod Sell, WBCC Auction Provider

Auction 54 is now in it's last day. The 79 interesting lots listed can be seen at.Auction 54. Please email your bids to me now. Don't leave it to the last minute. There has been a problem with the server. I hope the site will be back up again by the time you read this email.

"See you" next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club

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