Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club
Newsmail #417


WBCC Newsmail 417, Volume 9, August 7, 2004

Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC),
and weekly published by: Martin Peeters,
Netherlands, Focal Point of the WBCC


Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

Welcome into the World Of Bi-metallics. I really hope you enjoy reading this weeks WBCC Newsmail.

1. A new WBCC Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point
We have a new WBCC member. Let me introduce him to you:
Name: Walter Guiliani (WBCC member #345), Italy
Age: 41
Profession: Electric technician - logistic manager in a calibration center
Hobby: Euro coins and microstates coin, including euro-test, tokens and coin Bi- and/or Tri-metallics
Goal: know news about euro-test coins + microstates coins, and Bi-metallic, Tri-metalics coins/tokens of the world
How did I know about the WBCC: Via web, from Mr. Shibolet and Pobjoy mint

2. WBCC at the ANA Ray Lockwood, WBCC ANA Conventions Focal Point
The Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC) will be present with their own booth at the ANA's World's Fair of Money® in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA held from August 18-22, 2004. If you want to more about the ANA, please contact the WBCC Focal Point ANA Conventions: Ray Lockwood, USA,
I have arranged a WBCC meeting and it is scheduled for Friday, August 20, 10 A.M. in Room 323 of the David L. Lawrence Convention Center in downtown Pittsburgh, PA.
I'm pleased to announce that the WBCC booth will be Number 11 and is very near the front excellent location. The other news is that we will be sharing the booth space with Central States Numismatic Society. P.S click on the ANA website and navigate to the Pittsburgh convention for a map ( of the bourse will see the WBCC booth location.
3. WBCC Newsmail Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point

Please notice that the WBCC Newsmail 319, dated August 21, will composed and send by Jack Hepler,
4. WBCC membership entry tempory Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point
Because offering the Vatican Euro set in the WBCC Auction 68, the WBCC membership entry is closed from August 7th till August 14th. Reason: the offer should only for WBCC members only and to avoid new WBCC members who want only to bid on the set.
5. Bi-metallic Carwash Michael Ayrapetov, USA
In The Fare Box of July 2004 of American Vecturist Association (by Harold Ford) I found new Bi-metallic Car Wash Token of USA:
*Unidentified 598. Water Whirled Florida (Cartoon Auto). $1. No Cash Value. No Refunds. 25 mm Brass ring, 16 mm Aluminum center. Reeded edge.
6. Bi-metallic Casino by Michael Ayrapetov, USA
In Price List Of Lauren Benson Inc I found Bi-metallic Casino token of Martinique (French island in West Indies). I wanted to by this token, but token was sold out. There are value 20 on the token and inscription "Bateliere Plaza".
7. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA
What animal image can be found on both a Bi-metallic coin of Algeria and the  Bi-metallic 1984 Two Diners of Andorra?
a. Falcon.
b. Lion.
c. Ibex.
d. Horse.
Please send your answer to me:
Note: The image of this coin may be seen on the WBCC Website at
Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #416.
Gibraltar issued a series of Bi-metallic two Pound coins with designs that represented the 12 Trials or Labours of Hercules. For the fifth labor, Hercules was told to clean King Augeas' stables. This was a very dirty and smelly job. But then Eurystheus made Hercules' task even more difficult by ordering him to clean up after other
animals of Augeas in a single day.  Now King Augeas owned more animals than anyone in Greece. Augeas was very rich, and he had many herds of cows, bulls, goats, sheep and horses. It is reported that Hercules negotiated with King Augeas and said that he would clean out the stables in one day, if Augeas would give him a tenth of his fine cattle. This seemed like an impossible feat so the King agreed. Hercules then diverted the water from two rivers into the stables and in one day, completely cleaned the stables. Hercules cleaned the Augean horse stables and which one of the many other herds of King Augeas?
a. Cows
b. Goats
c. Sheep
d. Bulls
Answer to Question #416 is "a"; Cows. About half of the game players believed the answer to be "bulls". The picture on the coin is misleading since it shows cows with horns. Cows is, however, the correct answer.
Summary of Quiz Game Question #415: 9 players.

8. WBCC Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA
An Bi-metallic prize will be awarded to a member who correctly answers the WBCC Quiz Game this week (#417). If more than one member gets the correct answer, a random drawing will be conducted to select a winner. The winner of a Thai Bi-metallic coin Prize (WBCC Newsmail #415) is Claudio Revello (WBCC member #207).
9. Auction 68 is now Rod Sell, WBCC Auction Provider
The 99 interesting lots can be seen at.
Please email your bids to me at
It closes at 11.00 PM, Sat 14th August 2004 Sydney Time, which is early morning in the USA and late morning in Europe.

"See you" in next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club

The Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC) was established September 14, 1996 and is the very first Worldwide Collectors Club using the Internet. Goal of the WBCC is exchange Bi-metallics and exchange knowledge about Bi-metallics
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