Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club
Newsmail #446


WBCC Newsmail 446 Volume 10, February 26, 2005

Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC),
and weekly published by: Martin Peeters,
Netherlands, Focal Point of the WBCC


Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,
Welcome into the World Of Bi-metallics. I really hope you enjoy reading this weeks WBCC Newsmail.

1. WBCC By Rod Sell, WBCC Webpages provider
Is the WBCC Web Site important to you?
Is the Image Library important to you?

If it is, i need your help in maintaining and developing it. The image library is currently 2 years out of date. All the new images for the past 2 years are held in the many New Images pages linked at the bottom of the New  Image page.

I do not have the time to update the images from the new Images pages to the Library. I also do not have the budget to host more space on the WBCC site. So if you want to keep the Image Library, Members will have to host some of  the pages. I would suggest members host pages relating to their Country, as they have much better information on the items.

The Countries with many images are the ones that it would help if hosted by Members. The Countries are Austria, Canada, China, France, GB, Germany, Gibraltar, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Portugal, Russia, San Marino, Vatican and the USA.

The pages hosted by members will be linked from the Image Library. I will email you the new images when i receive them. If you can help please email me at

2. New WBCC Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point
We have 2 new WBCC members. Let me introduce them to you:

Name: MEHLHAUSEN, Wolfgang Jürgen (WBCC member #363), Germany
Age: 57
Profession: Coindealer and journalist
Hobby: World coins especially Bi- and/or Tri-metallics, * European Coins especially Bi- and/or Tri-metallics, Circulating Bi- and/or Tri-metallic coins of the world, Bi- and/or Tri-metallic especially Ecu and Euro coins
How did I know about the WBCC: World Money Fair Basel, magazine MÜNZEN und PAPIERGELD GERMANY
Name: William (Bill) A. Brown (WBCC member #364), Canada
Age: 56
Profession: sales professional (digital imaging and sport optics)
Hobby Circulating Bi- and/or Tri-metallic coins of the world. I presently collect Canadian Bi-metallic coins and tokens (a very modest collection) and am looking for more information regarding world Bi/Trimetal coins.
Goal: To learn more about Bi-metallicse.
How did I know about the WBCC: Article in Canadian Coin News
3. Bi-metallic 10 Franken 2006 from Hans Bucek, Switzerland
I managed to find out, what the next Bi-metallic 10 Fr Switzerland 2006 bimetallic will be: It is number 3 of the Swiss mountain series, depicting the "Piz Bernina". In the race of famous maintains Piz Bernina won against the "Eiger" mountain which may be the next then. But this is my personal guess.

4. Bi-metallic 2 Euro 2005 from San Gerhard Schon, Germany
San Marino will issue a Bi-metallic 2 Euro coin in 2005 on the International Year of Physics as declared by the United Nations (coinciding with the centennial of publication of the Special Relativity Theory by Albert Einstein). Mintage will be something between 110.000 and 130.000 pieces.
5. Bi-metallic pictures from Michael Ayrapetov, USA
In the site of "The Euro Coin Pages" I found the picture of Bi-metallic 2 Euro coin of Austria 2005 "50th Anniversary of Statehood" and name of Bi-metallic 2 Euro coin of Vatican 2005: "20 years world youth Cologne". The URL is:
6. Bi-metallic Fantasy Jose Luis Ramirez, Spain
In the WBCC webpages you can see the following images from Bi-metallic fantasy euros. From these countries or part of some countries:
* Cecenia
* Kosovo
* Lapland
* Macedonia
* Siberia
I have obtained another version of the Euros of Andorra (specimen type) I will send you the images coming soon.
7. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA
Which of the following countries features a stylized Falcon in the design of a Bi-metallic coin? 
a.  The Gambia.
b.  Ghana.
c.  Kenya.
d.  Zimbabwe.
Please send your answer to me:
Note: See this coin and many others by visiting the WBCC website;
Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #445:
Simorgh is a bird from a poem by Farid od-Din Attar (born around 1136) The Bird Parliament is a mystical allegory in which the birds all set off in search of the mythical Simorgh, whom they wish to make their king. This story symbolizes the quest of the soul for union with God, and ends with their discovery that they have no existence separate from the object of their search. This theme is found on a recently released Bi-metallic coin of which country? 
a.  Iran.
b.  Iraq.
c.  Saudi Arabia.
d.  Syria.
Answer to Question #445 is Iran.

8. WBCC Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA
A Bi-metallic prize will be awarded to a member who correctly answers the WBCC Quiz Game this week. If more than one member gets the correct answer, a random drawing will be conducted to select a winner. There were 8 players in game #444 and the winner was Tom Galway (WBCC member #68).

9. New Bi- or Tri-metallic Rod Sell, WBCC Webmaster
The new Bi- and Tri-metallic images shown at:
* Thailand 10 baht Centenary of The Military Transport Department. 
* Siberia 2005 fantasy euros
* Macdonia 2005 fantasy euros
* Lapland 2005 fantasy euros
* Kosovo 2005 fantasy euros
* Chechnia 2005 fantasy euros
* Spain 2005 2 Euro
10. WBCC Auction 72 excepting Rod Sell, WBCC Auction Provider
I am now accepting lots for Auction 72 which will open in April.
The lots listed so far can be seen at:
Please email me with any lots you wish to list. There is a maximum of 20 lots per member. My email is
11. Bi-metallic from Oded Paz, USA
Does anyone need the Micronesia, Bi-metallic One dollar, 2004?
Price would be $32 + $2 S&H = $34
You can see the coin here: (auction is closed)

"See you" next week, Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors

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