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Newsmail #559

WBCC Newsmail 559 Volume 12, April 28, 2007

Composed with help from members of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC),
and weekly published by: Martin Peeters,  Netherlands, Focal Point of the WBCC

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Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,
Welcome into the World of Bi, Tri and Quad-metallics. I hope you enjoy reading
this week's issue of the WBCC Newsmail. 

1. WBCC and Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point
This week I recieved an invitation from The Royal Dutch Mint for the WBCC attending the "Open Day Of The Mint" for Saterday June 9th. Offcourse I accepted the invitation. Together with Frans Dubois I will go and we will have our own WBCC booth. So if you are in The Netherlands that date, please visit us at The Royal Dutch Mint in Utrecht, The Netherlands
2. Virginia Encased Coins Jack Hepler, Development Centre
The President of the Alexandria Coin Club, John Koebert, and the President of the Rappahannock Area Coin Club, Penny Anderson, exchanged Club Encased coins at a small ceremony in Fredericksburg, Virginia on April19th, 2007. The ceremony followed a presentation by Greg Parma, ACC Project Officer, tracing the encasing project from inception through completion, the first ever attemped by the Alexandria Club. John is also the President of the Virginia Numismatic Association. John is seeking to develop greater cohesion between clubs throughout the commonwealth and increased membership, especially among younger collectors. Pictures of the ceremony and the encased coins may be seen on the WBCC Website:
2. Bi-metallic from Michael Ayrapetov, USA
I found on eBay 2 new different Bi-metallic 20 Piastres coins of Sudan 2006 (different animals). Item numbers on eBay are: 160108305532 and 320105569888
--Remark WBCC Focal Point: It is uncertain that these are different, Who knows more?
3. Bi-metallic 2 Euro 2005 Pablo Martin Peeters, Netherlands
WBCC member Henk Zuidinga reported to me that the 2 Euro 2005 from Spain commemorate Pablo Picasso not is issued. Reason trouble in thre familly, they just wanted to much money.
4. Bi-metallic 100 Pesos 2007from Frans Dubois, Netherlands
There is again a new 100 pesos of Mexico, Estado de Puebla, dated 2007
5. Bi-metallic Fantasy Euro' Jose Luis Ramirez, Spain
I have found these 2 Euro test coins in Ebay, the auctions were banned from
Ebay, I don't know the reason.
I have seen some time ago the coin dated 2009 from Saarland.
6. Bi-metallic Le Casino Cannes 10 francs Kenij Natsume, France
It is known that France introduced its first bi-metallic 10 franc coins into circulation in 1988 and its first and only tri-metallic 20F coins later in 1992. Needless to say, from 2002 onwards they use 1 euro and 2 euro bi-metallic coins. France is also known to have many municipal and private-operated casinos all over the mainland. When it comes to slot machine jetons, the great majority of pre-euro, i.e. French Franc ones seem to be mono-metallic. I only have 2 bi-metallic examples in my collection. One says “Le Casino Cannes 10” and the other says “Casino de Forges-les-Eaux 20” (operated by Groupe Partouche), both of which have a nickel-coloured outer ring and bronze-coloured centre.
After 2002, bimetal slot machine jetons were introduced by one of the largest French casino operators, Groupe Partouche, and I have more examples in my collection. They are all in the denomination of 2 euros and are from Casino Berck, Casino Boulogne, Casino Calais, Casino Forges-les-Eaux (bronze exterior / nickel interior) and Casino Dieppe, Casino Le Lyon Vert, Casino Touquet (nickel exterior/ bronze interior). All 7 of them are 29mm in diameter and have a French mintmark. The only outstanding ones  that I have is the €2 from Casino de Santenay and €2 from Casino d'Uriage that display no French mintmark or Casino operator's name. Another giant French casino operator Barriere continues to mint jetons in the denominations of 20c, 50c, 1€ , 2€ , 5€  but all in a mono-metal form, which is unfortunate for the WBCC members.
7. Bi-metallic  Japanese Pachi-Slo token -  Mu Life Station 2004, Tokyo Kenij Natsume, France
In Japan, gambling directly using legal tender is strictly prohibited and no official casino can be found. Having said that, there are millions of arcade-like game centres (where minors under 18 are not allowed) all over Japan. Pachinko is the traditional vertical pinball game and has been the number-one leisure activity since the end of WWII. As already mentioned, cash-to-cash gambling is forbidden and the steel balls (less than 1cm in diameter) remain officially the property of the Pachinko halls. You pay 1000 yen for some 200 balls and if you are lucky and/or skillful enough to end up with thousands of balls, you have to exchange them for products/gifts chosen from a supermarket-like section inside the hall. No cash refund is legal. Pachinko and the slot machine were also combined to produced Pachi-slo, which is played by inserting tokens. The balls remain inside the machine and more tokens come out when you win. Nowadays, Pachislo machines have become less about Pachinko and more like Las Vegas slot machines or video games except for the significantly smaller tokens that are about 25mm in diameter. There are perhaps more numbers of Pachinko-Pachislo halls than fast-food restaurants in Japan. To date, I only have one bi-metallic example (out of some 70) which is from Mu Life Station in the western suburbs of Tokyo. I hope that in the future, more Pachinko halls will introduce unique bi-metallic tokens to distinguish themselves from others.
8. Encased Coin to Mark 400 Year Jack Hepler, USA
In last WBCC Newsmail 558, item 3, about the encased Coin to Mark 400 Year Celebration The Rappahannock Area Coin Club (R.A.C.C.) there was no picture of the Encased piece, well here it is:  See Item 2 for the details

9. The WBCC Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA
Two Bi-metallic coins were issued by Malawi in 2006. The Ten Kwacha coin shows men performing what task?
a.  Farming
b.  Fishing
c.  Fighting
d.  Football
Please send your answer to:
Note: See this coin and many others by visiting the WBCC website; 
Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #558
The Coat of Arms for the Mexican State of Baja California Sud, includes images of a shell fish, the scallop and fish with fins and scales. This Coat of Arms appears on the Bi-metallic 2005 Mexican 100 Pesos. How many fish are shown on this coin?
a.  One
b.  Two
c.  Three
d.  Four
The correct answer for question #558 is d; Four.

10. WBCC Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA
A Bi-metallic prize will be awarded to a member who correctly answers the WBCC Quiz Game this week. If more than one member gets the correct answer, a random drawing will be conducted to select a winner. There were eight players in game #557 and the winner was Max Aiello WBCC member #73.
11. WBCC Auction Rod Sell, WBCC Auction Provider
I have had no replies to my request for ideas on how to improve the participation in our auctions. If members do not support our auctions, I can only assume they are not needed and this will be the last.
I am accepting lots for Auction 84 which starts on the 14th July 2007 with WBCC Newsmail 569. The lots listed so far can be seen at
Members can list up to 20 lots in each auction
Please email your lots to me at
12. Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point
TWOB (The World Of Bi-metallic Catalogue) number 57 will be ready May 1st. Because I have lost the send list, please let me know if you want to receive it.


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