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Newsmail # 622

WBCC Newsmail 622 Volume 13, July 12, 2008

Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC),
and weekly published by: Martin Peeters,  Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC

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Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,
Welcome into the World of Bi, Tri and Quad-metallics. I hope you enjoy reading
this week's issue of the WBCC Newsmail. .

1. New webpage of Bi-metallic Vatican by Jose Luis Ramirez, Spain
In the last months I have obtained several Bi-metallic medals from the Vatican City. I have made a webpage with the medals that I have in my collection or I have seen. (in spanish)
--Remark WBCC Webmaster Rod Sell: I have made a link to the Vatican Bi-metallic Medals in the Image Library page.
2. Bi-metallic 5 Rand 2008 from Jacek Stacel, Poland
The Republic of South Africa will issue a new Bi-metallic 5 rand 2008. On the occasion of 90 birthday of Nelson Mandela
3. Bi-metallic 5 Rand from Hans Bucek, Switzerland
In case you - or any WBCC members are interested in the language varieties of the issued - and to be issued - South-Africa 5 Rand Bi-metallic - here an Excel file for your convenience.
4. Bi-metallic 2 and 5 Litai from 2008 Jacek Stacel, Poland
Lithuania will issue a mint set dated 2008 with the Bi-metallic 2 and 5 Litai. Mintage only 4000 pieces and emission date June 25, 2008
5. Bi-metallic Fantasy Euro' Jose Luis Ramirez, Spain
I have obtained these Bi-metallics. The 4 Fantasy Euro's have the same reverse.
* Austria Fantasy Bi-metallic 2 Euro, dated 2001. Franz Grillparzer
* Netherland Fantasy Bi-metallic 2 Euro dated 2001. Vincent van Gogh
* San Marino Fantasy Bi-metallic 2 Euro dated 2001
* Finland Fantasy Bi-metallic 2 Euro dated 1999-2009, obviously the coin is minted in 2008. 10º Anniversary of the Euro currency.
6. Bi-metallic MTT's from Jacek Stacel, Poland
A Polish Municipal Trade Token from city of Swinoujscie with series: “The Polish Lighthouses&#8221
--Remark WBCC member Andrzej Kasprzycki, Poland:
It is the second Bi-metallic from series ''Polish Lighthouses'' 7 wyspiarzy =7 islanders. All Bi-metallics from this series were struck at the Polish Mint Plc in Warsaw. In 2008 there will be struck 4 Bi-metallics from series ''Polish Lighthouses'' :
This collection will count 15 Bi-metallics.
--End remark
and Polish Municipal Trade Token from city of Kolobrzeg
7. Bi-metallics in Martin Peeters, Netherlands
The following I saw in Ebay:
(The auction has ended)
An overview of all 53 different Thailand Bi-metallic 10 Baht pieces.
(mix date) Y227 Circulation, ($3.00)
1996 Y#339  King's F.A.O. Agricola Award, ($3.50)
1996 Y#334  King's Rice Award, ($3.50)
1996 Y#328  50 Year of Reign, ($3.50)
1998 Y#346  Cent. of General Hospital, (4.00)  *** SCARCE ***
1997 Y#347  Cent. of King Rama V Europen visit  ($2.50)
1998 Y#348  13th Asian Games, ($2.50)
1998 Y#352  Rama III the Great Investitutte, ($4.00)  **SCARCE**
1999 Y#349  125th Ann. Custom Department, ($5.00)  ***SCARCE*** 
1999 Y#350  King's 72 Birthday Ann., ($1.75)
 2000 Y#371 50th Ann. Economic and Social Board ($2.00)
 2000 Y#354  Cent. of Army Medical Department ($2.00)
 2000 Y#358  80th Ann. Ministry of Commerce ($2.00)
 2000 Y#361  Cent. of Princess Mother ($2.00) 
 2001 Y#373  Cent. of Land Department ($2.50)  ***SCARCE***
 2002 Y#381  Cent. of Irrigation  Dep. ($4.00)  *SCARCE*
 2002 Y#384  90th Ann. Vajira Hospital ($2.00) 
 2002 Y#383  90th Ann. Highway Dep. ($2.00)  **SCARCE**
 2002 Y#387  King's 75th Birthday ($2.00) 
 2002 Y#385  20th World Scout Jamboree ($2.00) 
 2002 Y#382  60th Ann. Internal Trade Dep. ($2.00) 
 2003 Y#392  Princess Sister's 80th Birthday ($1.75)
 2003 Y#391  Cent. of Army Inspector General ($2.00) 
 2003 Y#396  90th Government Saving Bank ($2.00) 
 2003 Y#new  150th Ann. King Rama V the Great (est$2.00)
 2003 Y#new  APEC Summit 2003 (est$1.75)  *SCARCE*
 2004 Y#new  70th Ann. Royal Scholar Board  (est$1.75)  *SCARCE*
 2004 Y#new  70th Ann. Dhammasat University  (est$1.75)
 2004 Y#new  Queen's 70th Birthday (est$1.75)
 2004 Y#new  Anti-Drug Cammpaign (est$1.75)
 2004 Y#new  200th Ann. King Rama IV  (est$1.75)
 2004 Y#new  IUCN Conversation Meeting  (est$1.75)
 2004 Y#new  CITES Meeting  (est$1.75)
 2005 Y#new  Cent. of Army Transportation Dep.  (est$1.75)
 2005 Y#new  72th Ann. Treasury Dep.  (est$1.75)
 2005 Y#new  Asia Pacific Scout Jamboree (est$1.75)
 2005 Y#new  72th Ann. Secretariat of the Cabinet (est$1.75)
 2006 Y#new  80th Ann. Princess Petcharat (est$1.75)
 2006 Y#new  Prince Royal Cradle Ceremony (est$1.75)
 2006 Y#new  130th Ann. Budget Inspection Dep.  (est$1.75)
 2006 Y#new  60th Year of Reign  (est$1.75)
 2006 Y#new  150th Ann. Prince Jaturonrasmee  (est$1.75)
 2006 Y#new  Cent. of Military Cousel Dep.  (est$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  Cent. of Thai First bank  (est$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  Cent. of Army Mounted Dep. (est$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  Queen's WHO Food Safety Award (est$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  50 Ann. Thai Medical Technique  (est.1.75)
 2007 Y#new  World University Games UNIVERSIADE 07 (est.$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  75th Birth Anniversary Queen  (est.$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  IASAJ Meeting 07  (est.$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  King's 80th Birth Anniversary  (est.$1.75)
 2007 Y#new  24th SEA GAMES  (est.$1.75)
 June 2008 Y#new  120th Ann. Siriraj Hospital  (est.$1.75)

8. Bi-metallic madel from Wolfgang Schuster, Austria
I received the following message:
We would like to recommend our new medal to you and hope you can promote in your market under our mutual benefit. Attached please find our products, and the following is the price and description for your consideration.
Description: Olympic medal (Topic : National Stadium)
Weight: Ag.999 silver (45 gram), Au.999 gold (3 gram)
Diameter: 50 mm
Packing: Each in a wooden box with outer gift paper box.
Unit price: US$285.00 ( freight included)
Delivery time: Stock availiable
We look forward to receiving your favorable reply soon.
Also you can contact my General Manager, Mr. Stanley Tsang
9. Bi-metallic Quiz Game #622........temporary by Hans Bucek, Switzerland
The 10 Rouble Bi-metallic coins show on their common side the denomination 10. The inner elliptic space of the 0 is a hologram. How does this hologram read?
a. the Cyrillic letters bP (for Bank Russia)
b. the Cyrillic letters L or M (for either Leningrad or Moscow mint)
c. 10
d. 07 or 08 (the end ciphers of the date when coin was struck)
Please send your answer to:
Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #621
Put 4 Bi-metallic Euro coins (1 and/or 2 Euro coins) in a row. How much Euro do you have when the row measures 98 mm?
a. 5 Euro
b. 6 Euro
c. 7 Euro
d. 8 Euro
Correct answer # 621 is b. 6 Euro. There were 4 players
WBCC Quiz Game Prize
A Bi-metallic prize will be awarded for the correct answer. If more than one member gets the correct answer, a random drawing will be conducted to select a winner. There were 4 players in game #621 and the winner was Bert van Haag WBCC member #261.  Prize is a blanc Bi-metallic
10. New Bi-, Tri-, or Tetra-metallic Rod Sell, WBCC Webmaster
The new Bi-, Tri-, or Tetra-metallic images shown at:
* 2008 South Africa 5 RandFantasy coins from Austria, Finland, Netherlands & San Marino
* Polish Municipal Trade Token from city of Kolobrzeg
* Polish Municipal Trade Token from city of Swinouscie
* 26mm  nickel gaming token with 18mm encased brass reverse

"See you"next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club

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