Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club
Newsmail # 671

WBCC Newsmail 671 Volume 15, June 20, 2009

Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC),
and weekly published by: Martin Peeters,  Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC

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Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,
Welcome into the World Of Bi-, Tri- and Tetra-metallics. I hope you enjoy
reading this week's issue of the WBCC Newsmail, edited this week and for
the next  week by Jack Hepler. Please read the June Super Quiz

1. WBCC Newsmail 669 to Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point
Please notice: because of my vacation from May 31 until June 27 WBCC
Newsmail 669 to 672 will be composed and sent by Jack Hepler in the
USA. E-mail: . So if you have nice news about Bi-, Tri-
and Tetra-metallics please E-mail Jack for the next  issues of the WBCC

2. WBCC at the Open Day Royal Dutch Frans Dubois, WBCC Information Center.
The WBCC was represented with its own booth at the 'Open Day' of the
Royal Dutch Mint by Frans Dubois and Jean Verleg. The Open Day was on
Saturday June 13 in Utrecht, The Netherlands .If you
have questions about the event, please E-mail Frans at:

3. Bangladesh Bi-metallic Wolfgang Schuster, Austria
I got this info from petr b=E1rta (copied) from chechia, who visited the
Kremnica mint.  They had this interesting pattern on display in their museum.
4.  Bimetallic on eBay   by Martin Peeters, Focal Point.
Look at this in eBay:

5. Counterfeit Hong Kong Bi-metallics   by Rod Sell, Webmaster.
An interesting article on counterfeit Hong Kong $10 bimetallic coins.

6. Bi-metallic City Coins of Poland…by Stanislaw Bulkowski, Poland
To day I send you scan 2 new coins from city Zambrow and Krakow:
1 Zambrow - 7 Zabrow 2009 issued 20 000
2 Krakow Mining-Metallurgy Academy  -  7 Staszicow 2009   issued 30 000
Diameter 27 mm, ring - brass, center - KN   Warsaw Mint
and Schuler token - diameter 26 mm, ring steel, center aluminium
See these coins and others at the WBCC website:

7. New Bi-metallics from the Islands   by Martin Peeters, Focal Point
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands;
2 Pounds 2008 Bimetal York castle Museum 38mm in diameter, bi-metallic
Copper-Nickel proof crown.
South Georgia and the South Sandwich Islands (SGSSI) is a British
overseas territory in the southern Atlantic Ocean. This territory is a
remote and inhospitable collection of islands, consisting of South
Georgia and a chain of smaller islands, the South Sandwich Islands. 
South Georgia is about 170 kilometres (110 mi) long and 2 to 40 km (1.2
to 25 miles) wide and is by far the largest island in the territory. The
South Sandwich Islands lie about 640 kilometres (400 mi) to the
south-east of South Georgia. The total land area of the territory is
3,903 square kilometres (1,507 sq mi).
 (Note by Paul Baker, UK)
The Popjoy Mint has made most or all coins for this place up to now as
far as I know.  This piece could well be unauthorized.  The Popjoy Mint
site shows various crown-sized CuNi (and other versions) coins dates up
to and including 2009 - themes are royalty, animals, ships and planes. I
would expect they have current exclusive agreement for the coins for this
About the design of the coin on eBay; the "W" in "TWO" is a bit strange
and the spacing between "YORK" and "CASTLE" differs to that between
"CASTLE" and "MUSEUM", these spaces would normally be equal.

8.  WBCC Member Visit   by Martin Peeters, Focal Point.
Today, June 15, I met in the National Hungarian Bank (Visit center with
coins exhibition of coins of the past until today), WBCC member Gabor
Toth. We had a nice cup of coffee and talked.  Available now at the
National Bank was the new Bi-metallic 200 Forint 2009

9. Encased Lincoln Jack Hepler, USA
The Rappahannock Area Coin Club presented specimens of the encased 2009
Lincoln Cent, commemorating the 200 year anniversary of Mr. Lincoln's
birthday, to John Koebert, president of the Virginia Numismatic
Association.  The presentation was accomplished at the Baltimore Coin
Show on 12 June 2009.  A scan of the first edition may be seen on the
WBCC Website:
10. Bi-metallic Quiz Game Jack Hepler, USA
The week continues the quiz series called, "Whose Face". Whose face
appears on the 2001 Bi-metallic Ten Roubles of Russia? 
See this coin and others at the WBCC website:
Please send your answer to:

Answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #669.
Whose face appears on the 2008 Bi-metallic Five Rand of South Africa?
The correct answer to Bi-metallic Quiz Game question #669 is Nelson

WBCC Quiz Game Prize
A Bi-metallic prize will be awarded for the correct answer. If more than
one member gets the correct answer, a random drawing will be conducted to
select a winner. The #669 Quiz Game winner is Keith Beaumont, WBCC member
#190. There were five players in this game, all of whom had the correct

11. The Super Quiz Question 4... by Jack Hepler, USA
One of the most beautiful Bi-metallic coins consists of a copper plated
steel ring around a brass plated steel center.  It was introduced in
Europe as a circulation issue in 1993.  What architectural feature is
incorporated on this coin?  Where is this located and what is Nepomuk?

12. New Bi-, Tri-, or Tetra-metallic Rod Sell, WBCC Webmaster
The new Bi-, Tri-, or Tetra-metallic images shown at:

<>13.Bi-metallics of India Offer…by Murali Kumar, India
I can offer the new Rs.10 Indian bi-metallic coins to our members as under. 
2007(National Integration) & 2008(Information Technology) US $3.00 for
both coins including Registered postage.  If anybody wants the 2006 coin
also I can offer all the 3 coins for US$5.00 inclusive of Postage. Paypal

See You in two weeks.
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club


The Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC) was established September 14, 1996 and is the very first Worldwide Collectors Club using the Internet.
Goal of the WBCC is exchange Bi-, Tri-, and Tetra-metallics and exchange knowledge about Bi-, Tri-, and Tetra-metallics

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