Worldwide Bi-Metallic Collectors Club
Newsmail # 873

WBCC Newsmail 873,  May 4 , 2013

Composed with help from members of the
Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club (WBCC),
and weekly published by: Martin Peeters,  Netherlands,
Focal Point of the WBCC

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Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

Welcome into the World of Bi-, Tri- and Tetra-metallics.
I hope you enjoy reading this week's issue of the WBCC Newsmail.

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Dear WBCC members and non WBCC members,

Welcome into the World of Bi-, Tri- and Tetra-metallics. I hope you enjoy reading this week's issue of the WBCC Newsmail.

1. New WBCC member….by Martin Peeters, WBCC Focal Point
We have a new WBCC member. Let me introduce him to you:
Name:  Rafael Sánchez Castillo WBCC member #557), Costa Rica 
Age:  40
Profession: Systems Engineering,  History of Latin America
Hobby:  World and Ancient coins and tokens including some Bi- and/or Tri-metallics
Goal:  Increase my knowledge and collection of coins Bi- and/or Tri-metallic
How did I know about the WBCC:I Know about the WBCC while looking for information about a token of my country

2. Bi-metallic 5 Euro 2013 from Pabitra Saha, UK
Here iformation about the Bi-metallic 5 Euro 2013 from Finland
Finland Proper – Turku Cathedral
The coin of Varsinais-Suomi depicts Turku Cathedral. Throughout the centuries, the national shrine of Finland has been a living part of the city’s
skyline, growing with the province and its population. The cathedral was built over several stages, and its architectural influences include the
Romanesque and Gothic styles.
Aland – Sälskär lighthouse
This lighthouse, ranking among the most beautiful in the Baltic Sea, is located far out on the open sea, in the straits separating the Åland Islands
from Sweden. The lighthouse was first lit in 1868, but its light has now gone out. This coin pays homage not only to the lighthouse on Sälskär Island,
but also to the fifty-odd other lighthouses that have guided mariners on the coasts of Finland.
Satakunta – Burial cairns in Sammallahdenmäki
Sammallahdenmäki in Rauma was designated as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 1999, being the most important site of
Western Bronze Age Culture in Scandinavia. Many of the cairns in Sammallahdenmäki have their own names and stories.
The best-known cairn, the Kirkonlaattia (Church Floor), is said to be built by the goblins of Finnish folk-lore known as “hiisi”.
Sammallahdenmäki is an unparalleled site in Finland and an exceptional one in Scandinavia as well.

WBCC member Kari Hurskainen from Finland send me the following link:

3. Bi-metallic 1 Dollar 2013 from Singapore....... by Pabitra Saha, UK
Singapore third series along with Bi-metallic 1 Dollar 2013 is out
1 dollar specification
Composition: brass plated outer ring and multi-ply nickel plated inner circle
Diameter: 24.65 mm
Weight: 7.62 g
Width: 2.50 mm
Edge: milled
Motif: the Merlion

4. Bi-metallic 2 Euro 2013 from San Pabitra Saha, UK
San Marino 2013 Bi-metallic 2 euro will be released on 7 th June commemorating JF Kenedy
See also:

5. Bi-metallic 2 Euro 2013 from Max Aiello, Italy
Belgium "100 Years of Royal Meteorological Institute" € 2 Commemorative Coin 2013 Finalists
The Royal Mint of Belgium has just listed 5 designs that, according to its jury, were the best among 700 submitted.
People are now invited to vote until June 24th 2013 for their favorite design by going ,
however, the winner will be selected by the jury.
My personal favourite is n° 5

6. Bi-metallic 10 Rupie 2013 from India.......... by Pabitra Saha, UK
India has released a new Bi-metallic 10 Rupees coin on Mata Vaishno Devi

7. Bi-metallic 2 Euro 2013 from Pabitra Saha, UK
Here is an Image of France 2013 2 Euro Bi-metallic 2 Euro commemorating Pierre Coubertin
Specification External ring: CuNi Center disc: 3 layers, Ni-Brass, Ni, Ni-brass Diameter: 25.75 mm Width: 2.20 mm Weight: 8.50 g

8. Bi-metallics from South Pole.......... by Pabitra Saha, UK
South Pole fantasy set has four Bi metallics - 25 cents, 50 cents, 1 dollar and 2 dollars

9. Bi-metallic Inlay from Cayman Pabitra Saha, UK
Cayman Islands has issued a commem coin with Bi-metallic inlay

10. Bi-metallic Quiz Game #873….…by Jack Hepler, USA
Thailand’s Bi-metallic 10 Baht coins sometimes commemorate international events.  In 2002, what international even was commemorated by
a Thai coin?
See this coin and others at the WBCC website:
Please send your answer to:

WBCC Quiz Game Prize

A Bi-metallic prize will be awarded for the correct answer.
If more than one member gets the correct answer, a random drawing will be conducted to select a winner.

Answer Bi-metallic Quiz question #872
A Thailand Bi-metallic 10 Baht coin issued in 2007 (2550) commemorates the 100th anniversary of the First Thai Bank,
and shows the image of symbolic bird.  What is the name of this symbol?
Answer:  Garuda.

The Quiz Game #871 prize winner was Mike Hill, WBCC member #487.  There were five players.

11. Super Quiz #32…………by Jack Hepler, USA
A multinational Bi-metallic 2 Euro coin of 2007 commemorates the 50th anniversary of the Treaty of Rome; the “birth certificate”
of the European Union:
Question: Where is the original of this document originally kept?

12.New Bi-, Tri-, or Tetra-metallic Rod Sell, WBCC Webmaster
The new Bi-, Tri-, or Tetra-metallic images are shown at:

"See you" next week,
Martin Peeters, Focal Point of the Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club
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Goal of the WBCC is exchange Bi-, Tri-, and Tetra-metallics and exchange knowledge about Bi-, Tri-, and Tetra-metallics

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