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WBCC Encased 2000.  Image from Jack Hepler.
The Worldwide Bi-metallic Collectors Club has developed encased coins
commemorating official WBCC representation at the World Money Fair, in
Basel, Switzerland, and the American Numismatic Association, Coin Fair in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA..
The four coins selected for this project are;
Australia, 1999, 5 Cents
Canada, 2000, Cent
Netherlands, 2000, 25 Cents
USA, 2000, Cent.
The production run includes approximately 150 specimens of each coin.
Actual minting will begin on Friday, 21 July 2000.
Preliminary orders for individual coin encasements or sets are now being
accepted at the WBCC Development Center, Jack Hepler or
through the Club Focal Point, Martin Peeters.
The four-coin set costs $10 US, which includes postage for US orders.
Insurance, and postage outside the US is extra.
A single specimen may be ordered for $3 US.

WBCC Bahamas encased issued at the Basel Fair.  Limited issues available to WBCC members whilst stock last at $5
(Postage outside US $1, Insurance or registration is extra). Please send your request to Jack Hepler at: heplerj@juno.com


Austria encased 1913 Heller for the 65th Anniversary of Emperor Franz Joseph.
Image from Wladek Gebczyk.


Encased Kampouchea 5 Sen in Benin 1000 Francs.  Trial products of the Cuban Mint.
Images from Paul Davis of Arctic Coins.


Austria - 1937 1 Grochen with inlay. Image from Martin Peeters.


Canada Voyageur Dollar with encased item. Image from Kelly Finnegan who made these items.

Canadian 1939  encased 10 cent by General Motors.  Image from Peter Riley.

Canadian Encased 1947 1 cent.  Image from Peter Riley.

Canada 1950 Jas A Ogilvy's Limited 84th Anniversary

Canada 1947 100th Anniversary of Massey-Harris Farming Machines. Image from Frans Woons

Canada 1970 encased cent Windsor Canadian Whiskey. Image from Joel Anderson.


Canadian Large Cent from Calgary 1920. Image from Rod Sell.


Ottawa Canada 1959 encased cent Ottawa Coins. Image from Rod Sell.

Toronto Canada 1963D encased US cent for Collectors Center. Image from Daniel Shoemaker.

Princeton Ontario Canada 1959 encased cent from Gold Leaf Tobacco Co. Image from Rod Sell.

Windsor Ontario Canada 1963 encased cent from Kays Coins . Image from Rod Sell


Montreal 1967 Expo.  Image from John Veltmeyer

Sherbrook Quebec Canada 1960 encased cent from Fred Smith . Image from Rod Sell.


Czech 1996 20 Haler.  Image from Fabio Guerrieri


1990 encased 1 Mark. Image from Cliff Anderson.

Great Britain

We are still trying to locate images for the 2 items below.

LONDON Alexandra Theatre * Aladdin. 1909 - 17

Good Luck from A.J. Branch. "Foresters" Perry Vale, Forest Hill. Late 1930's

Encased Farthing 1930's Visit Crockers Drapery Exhibition.
Image fron Jean Verleg via Martin Peeters.

Great Britain 1934 encased Farthing Hooper Struve's. Image from Paul Baker.

Locarno Dance Hall. Streatham Hill. S.W.2. After 1930.
Image from Jean Verleg via Martin Peeters.

Smith Premier Typewriters. 1902-07. Image from Jean Verlag via Martin Peeters.

Also see under Jersey.


Israel 1964 New Year Token. Image from Tom Hanley (Australia).

Israel 1964 Token showing coin and medal alignment Agorah.
Images from Otto Konornik.


Jersey  Encased 1950 Farthing from the Chelsea Hotel.  Image from C.J. Burton.

Good Luck from Chelsea Hotel. Gloucester Street. Jersey. Mid 1950's
Image from Jean Verleg via Martin Peeters.

Same as above in colour.  Image from Cliff Anderson.

New Zealand

New Zealand with encased English 1894 farthing. Ring advertising J.E.Hood Watchmaker Oamaru.


Poland encased 1 Grosz.  Image from Wladek Gebczyk.


Spanish encased 25 Pesetas.  Image from Wladek Gebczyk.

Spanish Encased 5 Pesetas. Image from Cliff Anderson.

Home Made Encased Spanish 5 Peseta  by Jose Luis Ramirez.


Switzerland encased 5 Rappen.  Image from Stanislav Foumart.

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